Todd McFarlane speaks of the market still and digital comics


Published on Apr 10, 2020


The entire market of american comics is paralyzed due to the block imposed by Diamond Comic Distributors, which has in spite of itself triggered a domino effect in which all the gears of this complex machinery are suffering huge losses.

The publishing houses the most important try to run for cover in an attempt to minimize the economic damage, but at least for the moment, any idea that seems to have been shelved and, unfortunately, you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Todd McFarlane, co-founder of Image Comics and the creator of iconic characters such as Venom and Spawn, has launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to finance the production of new comics and figures, or, alternatively, to reproduce material already published previously in different versions that can capture the attention of fans.

The well-known cartoonist and entrepreneur, has strongly affirmed that “we must do something”, pointing out that “if you give your customers the opportunity to break the routine, there is the possibility that they don't come back, more back”. His fear is so evident as to justify: a player forced to stay in the jejunum of comics for a long period of time, may well realize to be able to all do without, in a definitive way.

“People will be more reluctant when it comes to spending? They can do without it for three or four months and then accordingly will not be considered worth spending money on? Or that will happen in time when there will be someone who wants to spend, but the shops have already failed?” Are all questions that are legitimate that every publisher should ask yourself as soon as possible, to avoid that the comic book industry is already very proven will not suffer collapse to an inevitable abyss from which they do not return.

McFarlane argues that the comics industry should speak with one voice, determined and consistent, so as not to create confusion both in retailers as customers. But then, what would Todd McFarlane if he was the head of everything? He said the publishing houses should bring out the free in digital the 10 most important titles, the ones that the readers really want to read, to avoid customers destruction by waiting for you to throw on other markets like gaming, and to avoid to lose the habit.

But that's not all here, the cartoonist raises also presenting events on the events when they will reopen the comics to push people back to buy, teasing the fans even with the hypothetical crossover between the various publishers, but all, of course, will depend on the duration of this public health crisis, and from the choices of individual editors about it.

Todd McFarlane talks about the market firm, and of digital comics is




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