Today the “International Day of Happiness,” the Gdp does not measure health and well-being

Published on Mar 20, 2017

What is the International Day of Happiness? It is a day to be happy, of course! From 2013, the United Nations celebrated for recognizing the importance of happiness in the lives of people all over the world. And in 2015, the UN has launched the seventeen sustainable development goals that seek to end poverty, reduce inequality and protect our planet – the three key aspects that lead to wellness and happiness. Today the “International Day of Happiness,” the Gdp does not measure health and well-being. Happiness, therefore, is closely linked to the commitment to the goals of sustainable development. Karan Jerath (20), Sarina Divan (17), and Noor Samee (17), with their shares about some of the issues dealt with in the 17 Objectives were chosen in support of the campaign #PiccoliPuffiGrandiObiettivi, which is assisting in the Un headquarters and New York officials of the United Nations, UNICEF and the United Nations Foundation to celebrate International Day of Happiness. Demi Lovato, Joe Manganiello and Mandy Patikin, The three original voices of the upcoming “The Smurfs: Travel in the secret forest” in the room from the 6th of April, have made known their support to the United Nations for the campaign that will culminate in the International Day of Happiness, when it will be shown that the Gross domestic Product in itself can not measure the health and well-being of the population of any country while an approach to the growth and development more inclusive, equitable, balanced and sustainable may be the key to happiness. The happier they are in the north of Europe. Karan Jerath has invented a device of containment that might prevent the spill of oil at sea and to ensure the protection of marine life and has become a young Leader united nations United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Sarina Divan is a strong supporter of an initiative of the empowerment to the women of the United Nations Foundation in her high school. Noor Samee is a blogger, a supporter of UNICEF, and focuses on social justice and raising awareness on topics covered by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. March 20 is also the day in which each year is awarded the World Happiness Report, the ranking of the countries that are the most happy in the world, where for many years the first place there are the countries of Northern Europe. For 2017 there is Norway, followed by Denmark to the top for years and then Iceland. Italy is at 48/mo place after Uzbekistan and before that of Russia. The United States of America are at the 14/mo. To explain why the northern european countries dominate the rankings – a combination of factors including income, health and social care, good government, little corruption between companies and institutions, environmental policies – there is a term, recently introduced in the vocabularies, Hygge, indicates their secret, which then is used to mean a way of approaching life, made of small things and share. (ANSA)

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