To Live the whole truth of Mercedesz Henger: Riccardo Schicchi is not his biological father?


Published on Nov 25, 2019


In the episode of the Live-it is Not the d'urso aired on November 25, 2019, Mercedesz Henger will be the new protagonist, but this time we're not talking about what happened with Lucas Peracchi and his mother. Mercedesz but not this time speak of his family. A revelation, sensational will be made in the episode Live tonight, even if it has already been anticipated by the major Italian newspapers and magazines. It seems that Mercedesz Henger, this evening will tell the story for the first time, one thing that has been discovered. It is true that Riccardo Schicchi, it was not his biological father? It seems that the daughter of Eva Henger've just discovered but who wants to talk about on tv before the news is distorted by the gossip and of gossip.

Very few statements of which we are aware up to this moment. That's why Mercedesz have taken this decision:

“My mother has revealed the identity of my biological father that is not Riccardo Schicchi. Having known that someone has done the ‘spin the news’, I made the decision to make a detailed statement on the truth. This is to avoid that in any way be altered by the gossip and opinions of people that are foreign to each other”

Mercedesz is born before Richard and Eve got married, but no one has ever suspected that it was not the daughter of the director and also because the Anger and her husband have always presented as the fruit of their love. Today, Mercedesz, before the news is distorted or embroidery around each other, choose to be the protagonist of Live to tell in a television studio of its history.

When he discovered the truth? Knows who her biological father? Why Eva Henger and Riccardo Schicchi have never told the truth on this story?

At the moment, neither Eva nor Mercedesz have commented on the news on the social but, as you can see from their stories, they continued to do what they usually do in everyday life.

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