To listen Saturday night: "Ulisse Alberto Angela vs Tu si que vales, the data of the 29th of September 2018


Published on Sep 30, 2018


The first interesting challenge on the Saturday evening between the two proposals are completely different. Rai 1, as we have already said last week, has focused on culture, with the disclosure of Alberto Angela, beloved face from the public of all ages. Rai 1 has “robbed” on Rai 3, the program Ulysses-The joy of discovery that already in past years, was aired on Saturday evening, always making good plays. In this television season, it airs on Saturday night but on the first network Rai, with the task of offering the public tired of the usual soup, a viable alternative proposal. And here is the 29 September 2018 we enjoy the first challenge between You you que vales, who is back on Channel 5 with its new edition, and Ulysses, with the journey in the Sistine chapel. A challenge in which two proposals are absolutely different. In the past season, You you que vales has conquered the audience of the Saturday evening. Last year, we started listening to a not very exciting then get the classical average of more than 4 million viewers, all glued to the tv to laugh and smile with the protagonists of the talent of Channel 5.

The key to the reading of Tu is que vales always remains the same: an evening in front of the tv with the whole family, to laugh and smile and forget about the bad things for a few minutes. A proven formula over time that appeals to the public and that is not to be rejected. The problem with Channel 5 is that you send in a wave You you que vales, each audience needs of different genres, the problem of the main network Mediaset is that not an equally valid alternative that may suit other palates. The feeling is that the audience of Channel 5 is pian pian getting used to a certain gender, and that it will be difficult to change course ( think of what happened with the new network 4, for example). Of the rest last year Piersilvio Berluscono had announced that its networks would have witnessed a sort of reality all the year around and this, his intention was to make us understand what would have been the “bad trend”.

To listen Ulysses-The joy of discovery at the episode of September 29, 2018: Ulisse Alberto Angela has conquered 3.998.000 viewers equal to a 21% share.

To listen Tu si que vales first episode aired on September 29, 2018: On Channel 5, is the debut of the fifth season of Tú sí que vales and has recorded a listening equal to 4.761.000 spectators and 28.8% share.

The victory in this first challenge of the Saturday evening goes to Channel 5.

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