To listen Sanremo 2019: The Baglioni try the bis but it will not be easy, the numbers to beat


Published on Feb 05, 2019


When we talk about the Sanremo is also talk of plays, two topics that go hand in hand. The edition of the 2018 Sanremo shone to listen to the record making win to Claudio Baglioni the merit of having directed one of the best editions of recent years. Therefore it is difficult to think of repeating the same numbers, but obviously in the Rai, the hope is that things will go exactly this way. As always, and then there will be great anticipation for the plays of the Sanremo Festival in 2019 ( please note that the data auditel related to the evening will be available as usual on the morning of 6 February 2019). The overall average of the Festival was 10.869.600 and the share of 52,16%, higher than the figure recorded in 2017 by Carlo Conti and Maria De Filippi, record numbers of those that last year Claudio Baglioni had collected. Also to think that the plays of the Sanremo 2019 may be even higher it seems to be difficult but not impossible. As you have seen, among the artists of this edition of the Festival, there are many young people, there are also rappers that could maybe attract that sector of the public that the last year had not followed the song festival.

But back to the numbers and refreshing the memory, with the data of the last year to understand how to will need to go to the Festival to triumph even in 2019.

the first bet of the Sanremo Festival 2108 has conquered 13.776.000 spectators equal to 51.4%% of share in the first part – broadcast from 20.43 to 23.47 – and 6.624.000 (55.4%) in the second, airing from 23.52 to 1.14. The average is 52.1% with 11.603.000 spectators.

To have the best of it then, Baglioni and his team must do better than 52% market share, a mission really very, very difficult.

On Bbc1 the second episode of the Sanremo Festival 2108 has conquered 9.687.000 spectators equal to 47.7% share. In detail, the first part, broadcast from 21.24 to 23.53, was followed by 11.458.000 spectators (46.6%), and the second aired from 23.57 to all’1.07 was followed by 5.870.000 spectators (52.9%).

The first part, broadcast from 21.20 to 23.55, was followed by 12.657.000 viewers (51.1%), while the second – wave from 00.00 to 1.02 – from 6.146.000 spectators (54.5%).

The fourth evening of Sanremo 2017 has obtained an average of 9.887.000 viewers, share 47,1%: in the first part 11.674.000 viewers, share 45,68% and in the second 6.179.000, 53,27%.

The fourth night of the Sanremo Festival 2018 was the most problematic with listening to decline compared to the edition conducted by Carlo Conti, but always in line.

The final of the Sanremo Festival 2018 aired from 21.20 to 1.26 – marks the 58.3% of the share with 12.125.000 spectators.

The final of the Sanremo Festival 2018 has conquered 12.125.000 spectators equal to 58.3% share. The first part – broadcast from 21.20 at 23: 46 – has won 54% with 13.240.000 spectators while the second – wave from 23.51 to 1.26 – has convinced 10.404.000 spectators with 69% share.

These are the ratings from last year which should be improved by Baglioni . The hijacker will it make? Remember, as always we say, that quality is not necessarily related to the plays. You could do maybe a little bit less, but offering a performance level to the public. It is clear that Sanremo is always Sanremo for which we are expected to listen to the record in this edition. We'll see!

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