To listen live life: that mirage 2 million viewers


Published on Feb 19, 2019


The audience of Rai 1 and not longer: the afternoon is not what you would like to have, it is now clear to all and they know it very well, also the executives of Rai 1 that they tried, in the last days, to redo the look to live life. The result? Give understanding to the young people, if there were in front of the tv, that is the wrong place, look for another target, possibly the elderly who need written huge to read and understand what you're talking about. That uncomfortable...As if they could be enough of the written new, different graphic, of little themes to convince the audience of Rai 1 to tune to a program that has neither head nor tail, and which, with the recent “adjustments” is not that worse. A year ago, in these times, live life didn't shine compared to the competitors, with the Afternoon Five on a roll, but brought home the decent average of two million viewers, numbers that today, the program of rai 1 has encased in rare occasions ( in the christmas period, when the Afternoon, 5 was on the air and in the week of the Sanremo festival, for obvious reasons , and not for all the episodes of the week).

The public thought de La vita in diretta", which continues to comment on social, from October reiterates that the main problem in the program of Rai 1 is the lack of harmony of the pair of conductors, that maybe in life will eat pizza together, but in the study of Rai 1 are they stepping on your feet. And the fact that the ratings are not absolutely in line with what you'd expect from a program like live life, probably begins to be felt. The air may no longer be what it once was. But let's do the comparison between the afternoon of yesterday and what happened a year ago, to understand how things have changed.

Here are the ratings of Monday 18 February 2019 ( edition conducted by Marco Liorni and Francesca Fialdini) :

On Bbc1, Come to Me convinced 1.735.000 viewers (12.3% share) and the Paradise of The Lord 1.634.000 (14.1%). La Vita in diretta " informs 1.766.000 viewers (14.2%).

Here are the ratings of Monday 19 February 2018 ( edition conducted by Tiberio Timperi e Francesca Fialdini):

On Bbc1 Zero and the Praise he has played with 2.035.000 viewers (12.6% share); the first part of La Vita in diretta " informs 1.513.000 viewers (12.1%), the second 2.041.000 viewers with 14.8%.

If the share de The live life remains the same, what changes are the viewers. 2 million average this season is really a mirage. And the merit is not even in the Afternoon Five. The program of the d'urso, do you think, recorded in this period, the plays more bass than the previous season.

Here are the Channel numbers 5, data of 18 February 2019

Afternoon Five, it goes to 18.4% with 2.142.000 spectators in the first part, at 17.5% with 2.386.000 spectators in the second and 14.9% with 2.281.000 spectators in the third, of short duration.

And here is what collected last year when The life live more than 2 million viewers:

Afternoon Five has made the company to 2.570.000 viewers with 19.7% in the first part, 2.935.000 (20.4%) in the second and 2.631.000 (16.8%) in the third of a short duration.

The problem, therefore, is the program of Rai 1, not his opponents, but only the container that for some reason does not work. The public has need of the other, or perhaps he has need of the other?

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