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Published on May 08, 2020


1/6Eva Francescutto Alberto Lot, great debut, Minibombo2/6Eva Francescutto Alberto Lot, great debut, Minibombo3/6Eva Francescutto Alberto Lot, great debut, Minibombo4/6Eva Francescutto Alberto Lot, great debut, Minibombo5/6Eva Francescutto Alberto Lot, great debut, Minibombo6/6Eva Francescutto Alberto Lot, great debut, Minibombo

In this period, the only one of its kind, the italians are dedicated (also) to the kitchen. Bakers, confectioners, chefs, and lovers of the fresh... it is difficult for an Italian, you pull back, when there is to put your hands in the kitchen or sit at the table.

All this to say that The big debut of Eva Francescutto and Alberto Lot is without a doubt a book of genius and you'll soon understand why!

The book is based entirely on a misunderstanding, wanted and encouraged, and through a climax that melts on a final brilliant. Unfortunately, to talk to you about it I will have to reveal some of the details, but I am confident that the surprise of the children the make the most of it will remain intact and genuine.

The black cover with a yellow light swing immediately think of the theatre, and even if children could escape the meaning of “debut”, the readers will put it in perspective, to attend a performance. And in fact, the pages that follow are completely immersed in the darkness we reign behind the curtain: black pages, animated only by texts written in different colors, one for each of the actors who speak.

The history therefore is a history “of the words” a story to listen to, while the absolute black reigns in the depths of the theater and the book.

"Come on, let's get ready: soon you will be on stage!"

"Already? But I'm not ready yet!"

"Hurry up then! In short, we will be under the spotlight..."

"We arrossiamo just thinking about it!"

Nothing can alienate readers from the first impression: the actors speak excitedly of the thrill, of going on stage under the spotlight... The words are excited, you can feel the emotion, the waiting, the fear of public...

What are we going to see? What kind of show you will fend up front?

In short, the listeners are all thesis after thesis to understand what will guide finally, when the black disappears from the pages.

The fact is that this voltage dizzying almost does not listen to the words of the actors, that actually have many and funny clues for understanding the type of representation that is waiting for us, but you can enjoy them to the second and third and at the fourth reading.

Page after page, the black starts to feel a bit tight, then finally:

"... You go on stage!"

And at this point, here in front of us... the inside of a fridge!!!

Dozens of little eyes and curious little smiles, smug stare the reader finally understands and laughs!

Eggs, bananas, sprigs of parsley, onions, sardines, tomatoes, fennel, cheese, etc.

Back in the behind – as you hinted – you can enjoy all the jokes that different characters have uttered in the dark of the fridge closed:

"Now it is enough to make me come milk to my knees," speak... the bottle of milk.

"... And then that would be me, the acid" pronunciation... the lemon.

Rereading, you can see some details like the fact that the texts are positioned on the page exactly where you'll find the different characters, or as the choice of colors of the texts that recalls the figure (yellow for lemon, grey for the sardines...).

The setting makes daily, yes, even smaller children (from 3 years) can appreciate the reading and understand it (perhaps in the second reading) with ease.

In short, a book of genius and fun that will amaze you at the first reading, but that will trigger a marathon of successive readings, because you will want to read it all, thanks to your discovery.

Reading fun to the animated readings, ideal for the representations housewives and also simply to laugh a little, to taste.

Once again the Minibombo manage to make us laugh thanks to the power of the imagination that changes the usual way of looking at the same things! Good.

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