To Friends 18 Mameli in the challenge Giordana: who makes the aspects


Published on May 15, 2019


Mameli returned to Friends after being eliminated during the episode of the Evening, Friends 18 aired last Saturday in the early evening on Channel 5. Giordana has not taken very well the request of Alex Britti you would like to give a new opportunity to the guy. Now the singer-songwriter seems to have intention to challenge his team mate Jordan. But all is not as it seems... let's See what happened. In the lodge of the White is shown in Giordana is the video where We are preparing for the challenge. “Send it in the Blue then,” says the singer-songwriter. “Standing out in these two days, having seen the world outside, in fact, I hope I go against Jordan. Tish is very strong. Alberto manco to talk about it. The dancers do not know how to do comparisons... So honestly is that a little mass worse,“ says Mameli.

National challenge Giordana, how it will end? We'll find out at 13.50 on @realtimetvit Channel 31 😱 #Amici18

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Giordana does not know, however, that the one launched by his team-mate Mameli is not a clash but a joke. When the singer-songwriter is back in the house of the Whites, in fact, Giordana jumps into the arms of Mameli and embraces him. “I was convinced to see you throughout the week. Do you understand? You have been very good. I was black,” says the singer in a tracksuit pink in front of Mameli. “Sorry if I have dealt with you bad, but I was convinced to see you all week then I said: ‘I treat badly the whole week’” is a Giordana.

The aspects 😂 #Amici18

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A joke well-managed to Mameli Giordana: who makes the aspects! Joke that is certainly served to eliminate a bit of tension seen that the talents of Friends 18 are very close to the semi-finals of the program of Maria De Filippi. Will be held Saturday, may 18, 2019, in the early evening on Channel 5, in fact, the semi-final of the well-known talent show. At the end of the episode we will know finally what will be the names of the singers and/or dancers, who will compete until the last note to be able to win the trophy for the eighteenth edition of Friends of Maria De Filippi.

Who will go in the final between the Jordanian, Tish, Alberto, Rafael and Vincent? And, above all, who deserves to win the program?

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