To Friends 18 from the proposals: requests for Jefeo and Giordava vs Tish, what will we see?


Published on Apr 10, 2019


Latest news from the world of Friends 18: what's going to happen in the episode on Saturday night? Could happen really because after the revolutionary proposal of Loredana Bertè: the boys in fact have thought of the counter-proposals. Alberto joked: “I'm done for the good of all I would like to Jefeo to retire” . The irony of Alberto also serves to make people understand that the air you breathe in these hours to Friends. The boys, in fact, after the proposal of Loredana Bertè are expected to be done and believe they have ideas just as valid. For example, Jordanian, he thinks that the commission is enhancing enough and, as we have seen in the day time in the air today 10 April 2019, the singer has tried to make his proposal. They the companions said he would like to eventually have a face-to-face, a challenge with Tish. In the first place because Tish is the only one singer remained to which one could only compare with her " ( female singer) and the second reason is purely personal, because you are very nice.

Giordana then, speaking of the performances of the last episode, remember that Tish has to be out of tune but in spite of this, the professors have preferred his performance. And it is also for this reason that he wants to get in the game to demonstrate to be able to say and deserve to take another step towards the final.

Here's the video with the proposal of the Jordanian

Giordana in response to the proposal of @LoredanaBerte offers a direct challenge against Tish, what do you think? #Amici18

At the moment there are no confirmations about what we'll see Saturday night. Of the rest, it was clear to all that the proposals of the boys, Bertè, and the prof would have been “a reason” to follow the live of the Saturday.

Not only the proposal of the Jordanian, also Jefeo try to say and explain what he would do.

Here's the counter-proposal of Jefeo, what do you think? #Amici18

The production will decide what to do, what will happen? Appointment to Saturday evening to find out!

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