To be Cooked and Eaten the meatballs in a pan with the sardines, easy recipes


Published on Mar 13, 2020


Among the recipes Cooked and Eaten in the week, the recipe for making the meatballs in a pan with the sardines, the meatballs first fry and then add in the tomato sauce. We have thus, in a short time a second dish tasty, fish-based, but many children will not notice it even. The meatballs are Cooked and Eaten with sardines are quick and easy to make, the time to blend all the ingredients, make the meatballs before you fry and then put for 10 minutes in a tomato sauce-ready in 15 minutes. And here's the dish for the whole family, one of the new recipes Cooked and Eaten to prepare perhaps all together in the house. Don't miss the other recipes Cooked and Eaten, from first courses to desserts with Tessa Gelisio and his guests in the kitchen.

Ingredients meatballs stewed with sardines Cooked and Eaten: 200 g of sardines, 15 g of onions, 1 egg, 1 clove of garlic, 200 g of tomato pulp, thyme, parsley, sage and bread crumbs

Preparation: clean the sardines, let's under the running water, let drain well, and shake with 15 g onion, thyme, sage, parsley, salt and pepper. We then add the grated bread and we have a perfect consistency to shape into balls.

Pass the meatballs in the flour. In a plate put the bread crumbs, in a bowl, blasting down a bit from the egg. We pass the meat balls first in the egg and then in bread crumbs.

Heat the oil in a frying pan with the clove of garlic, fry the meatballs, let them brown, down on kitchen paper. In another pan, pour little oil and the garlic, heat and then add the tomato sauce, salt and let cook 15 minutes.

We then add the meatballs to the tomato sauce and let cook another 10 minutes.

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