To anyone Who has seen the disappearance of Antonio: the shadows on his wife, already convicted in the past for murder


Published on Dec 19, 2019


Since a couple of days, everyone Who has seen it is dealing with a case of disappearance. Nothing new, it is what the journalists and the correspondents of the program of Rai 3 are always. To denounce the disappearance of her husband, a woman is very worried that, in his first appeal, he had really moved all telling the story of love with Antonio, a man known in the late age, which was however become everything for her. This week, the journalists of those Who saw, tell of the case with another point of view. In fact, they found that in the past of the woman, who now seeks her husband Antonio from the 29th of November, there are precedents for concern.

The lady Anna has been accused of murder, double murder, and was also granted a penalty of fifteen years in prison. And was accused of having committed almost the perfect crime, not a case has not been sentenced to life imprisonment, killing two elderly people of which are occupied, with a mix of lethal drugs. The journalist then puts it in the face of these discoveries, and the lady says she paid for something she has not done, to be innocent, and that the disappearance of her husband, Antonio, in no way binds you to these facts.

She and Antonio were lovers, they were good and she would do anything to have him back in the house. Actually the man is seen walking away alone from his house, and Anna says she's received phone calls, which seem to be confirmed. But in that state he left his house, Antonio? A witness, among other things, he also says to have seen it but in the place which should be his cell phone, tracked by the cell phone, the phone is not.

Anna and her daughter away to any other hypothesis. Their Antonio loved. And it is true that he has bought the villa to the daughter of his wife, who also had other houses and that he was alone, had no close relatives. But the lady does not want to hear about scams, of diabolical plans. She and Antonio loved each other so much that the woman says that they love, as if they had 20 years. Details that did not go unnoticed to the public on Rai 3, that on social has expressed very strict about this woman.

We remind you that Antonio Russo, 78 years old, lives in Marchesana (Messina), in the hamlet of Terme Vigliatore. It is removed from the home around the 16 or so of Friday 29 November, leaving the tv on all the time, bringing the son himself only the mobile phone . His wife says he has received phone calls and he tried with his leaf track down her husband, but not to be successful. The cameras shooting the man to leave the house, and a witness says have then seen later but, in spite of the research, of Antonio, there are tracks.

Only around 19:45 the wife is able to hear him on the phone, but he has not been able to give a clear indication of where she was. Then, according to the story of Anna, it would be the fall line and since then has not responded. His cell phone was located in the area of Idria of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto.

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