Tiziano Ferro by That time doing, calls for the Government to respond on the concerts in the summer, but on the social controversy


Published on Apr 13, 2020


In the episode That aired yesterday, April 12, 2020, among the guests for a beautiful live live, Tiziano Ferro has excited with his voice and his songs. The singer, host of Fazio, he wanted to, however, launch an appeal that the audience at home, as evidenced by the many comments on the social, is not very pleasing. Iron has asked the Government for clarity on what will happen in the summer, on tour and at concerts.

In reality, it seems quite clear to imagine that in the month of June and in the month of July there will be no possibility to think of stadiums and arenas filled. But it is also true that, in black and white, there is a rule, not a law. For which Tiziano Ferro, he was probably referring to the fact that the Government in any way to say what will happen, with a specific regulation, maybe, to authorize the reimbursement of the tickets of those who have already purchased ( and to stop the sale of people who are still buying).

On social, however, while the singer launched his appeal, many viewers have commented, assuming the appropriate requests of Iron, in the face of issues far more important to solve.

The appeal of Tiziano Ferro:

Currently my concerts are still standing, because in addition to the may 3, there were no restrictions. I speak for me, for my category, because it is the only one that I know of and all those who in the thousands have already bought tickets. We need to know if you can do concerts, we need answers, today, technically, we don't know anything, and I say to the fans who ask me, but not only to me, at Vasco, to Cremonini, what will become of their tickets. We owe even to those who work at the concerts for the stage, the technicians, everyone. Then I ask the government responses, we need it too.

Many viewers of the programme of Rai 2, as they considered inappropriate for the singer to put this kind of questions but in reality, we imagine that all the people will think of the future and seek answers. The real problem is that at the moment, no one can know what will happen in July and August.

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