Tiziano Ferro and Victor married: Who exclusive images of the civil union (PHOTOS)


Published on Jul 16, 2019


On the journal on newsstands this week an exclusive service on the civil union of Tiziano Ferro and Victor, who have sworn eternal love to Sabaudia. The first photo on Vanity Fair with the words of Tiziano Ferro before the wedding and now the photos of the kiss and the first pictures of the couple happy together after this second promise. Victor and Tiziano Ferro, in fact, had already promised fidelity in marriage in Los Angeles and have given an encore, in front of relatives and friends, also to Sabaudia.

The Corriere della Sera Titian has told:

β€œI am catholic! I have heard so many people outraged in front of the demonstrations in support of homosexual rights. The problem is that in this Country we do not believe enough in God. We pray, but do not listen. Wait for the miracle and negotiate the arrival of a solution, in exchange for a waiver of....”.

And here the first images of this celebration, published this week by the magazine Who with an exclusive service.

Advances photo on Instagram official Who:

π—˜π—¦π—–π—Ÿπ—¨π—¦π—œπ—©π—’: ll weekly magazine β€œChi” publishes in the number in newspaper stand from Wednesday, July 17, the extraordinary images of the wedding in Sabaudia between Tiziano Ferro @tizianoferro and his fellow american, Victor Allen, 54 years, which is linked by three years. With them there were very few intimate friends, starting by the parents of the pop star, who have given a great proof of love. The marriage of Sabaudia, is what is celebrated on the 25th of June in Los Angeles. Victor Allen, who is an established manager who has an established marketing company, and Tiziano Ferro you are known three years ago in Los Angeles. And now the couple wants a son.

The two are happy and excited for this important step. As he told the singer, was Victor to ask him to marry him with a proposal very romantic on the day of his birthday.

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