Tiziano Ferro and Victor Allen, the first photos of the wedding


Published on Jul 17, 2019


Here are the first pictures of the newlyweds immediately after the yes

Tiziano Ferro was married in Sabaudia with Victor Allen in an intimate ceremony, after the two were married in great secrecy in Los Angeles last June 25. To publish the first exclusive photos is the weekly magazine Chi that anticipates the service dedicated to the couple in the number in newspaper stand from Wednesday 17 July.

As it reads on the page Instagram of the weekly magazine Chi, with them there were very few intimate friends, starting by the parents of the pop star who gave a great proof of love. From the first pictures it is obvious the happiness in the faces of the newlyweds immediately after the yes, is sealed by the first kiss immortalized by the photographers.

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Victor Allen, neomarito Tiziano Ferro, 54 years, is a successful american manager who owns a marketing company. The two met three years ago in Los Angeles and since then their relationship has become increasingly important. The proposal is to match their companion, as he described the singer-songwriter of Latin and Vanity Fair.

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Tiziano Ferro has said it is particularly pleased for the beautiful relationship between her mother and her husband. Far from the days when he was a boy that is shy and overweight, Tiziano is now one of the most famous Italian singers and appreciated and has added an element to his personal happiness with this marriage.

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