Tiziano Ferro against Fedez


Published on Nov 20, 2019


“I pull you into the dance, and I am ironic, until you mess it goes well, I'm sorry only when these things are related to the feeling and sexuality, because even a joke can put a teenager at ease, and that an idol of the boys take me for a ride on this is an act of bullying very strong, not only towards me”: these are the raw words of the idol of the Italian pop Tiziano Ferro, in the confonti of Fedez, during the conference the presentation of his new album “I Accept miracles.”

The reference is probably to the song published on Youtube by a Fedez still very young on February 5, 2011 entitled “the opposite”, where the rappers use words that are slightly sweetened and the gentiles in respect of Tiziano Ferro. It reads in fact: “I'm concerned that Tiziano Ferro has outed, I now know who has eaten the most hot dogs that sauerkraut. It was presented in a strange way with Cristicchi – Hello, I am Tiziano no me lo fi***s? -“.

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Not slow the response of Fedez:”I have read of the words of Tiziano Ferro would say, accusing me of homophobia and bullying, referring to a text that I wrote ten years ago. It amazes me the timing: this song was written when I was 19/20 years old, I still had a record company and I had an audience and put my songs online”.

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Then the rapper goes into the merits of the text: “On the contrary start by saying ‘I'm interested in that Tiziano Ferro has made outing’ just to say that the sexual preferences of an artist are a what to accessory for me compared to the judgment that I give to an artist. Then of course, I season it with writing irreverent that a 19-year-old has. I think I've demonstrated over the years that I and homophobia we travel in parallel and don't meet anything, but again: is it a Titian, we give constructive this nasty brackets and we do something together against homophobia”.

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