Tito Faraci presents the necklace Feltrinelli Comics: here are the titles available by 2018


Published on Nov 03, 2017


Most of the titles that come out are original products. There are also links with the narrative prose, for example, will be produced a comic book Pennac, where it narrates an experience of his life. The title will be An exemplary love, in the library starting in January, and will be designed by Florence Cestac.

Roberto Recchioni with a comic book entitled The end of reason, available in the library starting in January. (the cover in the picture is temporary). The story has as protagonists a mother with a sick child, which is treated with natural methods. The mother is there and goes in search of vaccines.

James Bevilacqua, with a balloon on its world-famous Panda from provisional To Panda Like. It is a book of stripes and will be released in may 2018, on the occasion of the tenth birthday of Panda. Comics in color, with stripes similar to those of 2008, with closures most daughters of our times. The comic will be interactive , with holes in the pages, tears and jumps of the cartoons.

Marco Rizzo and Lelio Bonaccorso, a comic from the genre as delicate as the graphic journalism in output in may. On November 10, the authors will depart from Catania in the area of sea south of Sicily, in the waters that connect Italy to Tunisia and Libya. The trip will be documented, without filters, and with regard to the operators of salvation, and the people who will be, in fact, saved.

The state Social and Luca Genovese, the comic book has the provisional title of Andrea. Exit in the next year, with a date to be determined.

Among the authors presented, there is also Paolo Castaldi, author of sports. Yet it was not possible to know nothing of his project, postponed to later date.

Josephine Yole Signorielli, the debut of the author of the Comic Bad cartoon from the title of the controversial Novel explicit. We will find similar content to the cartoons has already been published online: controversial, black humor, sex, drugs, and suicide.

Pino Cacucci and Stefano delli Veneri, Mujeres, tells the story of feminist movements in mexico. The release date is not yet defined.

Last, but not least, Tito Faraci, has announced its new project with Sio, with whom he has already collaborated with a comic book for Feltrinelli. The title proposed by Sio during the conference, the collection of all The works, quite beautiful Alexandra Middlestone we will see in the future of which title will be adopted.

The art director of the series is Luca Bertelé (Bonelli kids).

Tito Faraci presents the necklace Feltrinelli Comics: here are the titles available by 2018 is




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