Titans: first look at Donna Troy/Wonder Girl


Published on Nov 21, 2018


By means of the new official images, Warner Bros. has offered a first look at Donna Troy/Wonder Girl, played in the Titans actress Conor Leslie: it is not clear yet, however, when the character will make his debut in the series.

The promo of the next episode instead, Asylum, shows a Starfire with a new look:

Titans are conquering the audience episode after episode, showing the characters “imperfect” and human, in the middle of their maturation and the search of the self: in this regard, leaving some official statements to DC Comics, Geoff Johns has previously explained why Dick Grayson still dresses in the role of Robin and not Nightwing, the identity assumed once you hit the top of the Batman and a real way of being, considering that the hero is a figure of cheerful, hopeful, solar and, above all, at peace with itself (contrary to up to now demonstrated by the current Dick Grayson in the series).

“We talked a lot about how to start the story that led Dick Grayson to become Nightwing and we have decided that the period immediately after his separation from Batman, it would be very interesting to explore, especially its search for a new identity and certainty as personal,” explains Johns, who reveals how with producer Greg Berlanti has come to the conclusion that analyzing the period of the post-Batman, Dick would have strengthened further the personal history of Rachel.

“We amplified all those moments in his works that speak to Dick in that period. Nightwing is a character, emotionally stable and sure of itself, is all that is Dick Grayson once he's found his place in the world. What we wanted to show was the route taken by Dick to become to all effects and Nightwing. When he meets Rachel, is also him having to deal with the darkness he has inside, is with you in having to understand, control, and overcome. Only with the help of other people ‘lost’ can we really find our place in the world and help others to do the same thing: this is the DNA of the Titans, the concept carrier on which is based the series. The team is like a family, the characters are always the same but the tone is dictated by the stories of inner conflict to Dick and Rachel. It's all based on the help Rachel find out what it has to do and help her to cope with it, but as she has a mysterious past and problematic shoulders, I also have the other members of the team including, of course, Dick, there will be space also for one to understand what really happened between him and Batman“.

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The cast is made up of Brenton Thwaites (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Revenge of Salazar) in the role of Dick Grayson/Robin; Teagan Croft in the role of Raven; Anna Diop in the role of Starfire; Alan Ritchson (Aquaman on Smallville, Raphael in Ninja Turtles) and Minka Kelly (Charlie's Angels) in the roles of Hawk and dove; Conor Leslie (the man in The high castle) in the role of Wonder Girl, and Lindsey Gort (Baby Daddy, Agent Carter, The Carrie Diaries, Lucifer) in the role of detective Amy Rohrbach.

The series is currently available with episodes weekly on the streaming platform DC (monthly subscription is $7.99 or a yearly $74.99) awaiting the arrival full on Netflix.

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