Titans: Alan Ritchson (the Hawk), which explains why the series is better than Infinity War


Published on Oct 30, 2018


Infinity War was only the first part of the end of this phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and, though it has been a great success both on the public and on the critics Alan Ritchson, interpreter of Hawk in the Titans, he did not like the tone of the film, judging it too “fake”.

“I am excited for the fact that the fans, with the Titans, we are finally having a glimpse on the humanity of the heroes. As for me, I have no interest in seeing movies like Infinity War or other, because no one has nothing to lose, you feel all invincible,” the words of the actor to CBR during New York Comic-con “As you know, I play a hero that has no powers. How fantastic is this thing? I still remember the first episode that I shot, the second of the first season, I had to get in on the action with Where leaving a beer and jumping in the street, so I asked the director ‘what do I do, fly? What are my superpowers? I'm? I can do a jump like that?’ and he told me to do as if i didn't have powers. . From that moment on, therefore, I have interpreted the character as if he had superpowers. It's great, because this way you can explore the best of humanity. This guy has many problems, even health, fights many struggles within himself, not only outside. And I am on this kind of struggles that focuses more on the series“.

Ritchson continued: “I Think that gives hope to see the characters so ‘normal’, despite having the status of heroes. It happens to everyone to be emotionally in pieces, and the characters reflect this condition of the common man. There is difficulty in talking about their feelings and problems, and thus, ‘isolation’ thanks to a small screen and see that, despite the suffering, you can achieve something great, can instill a lot of hope,” the words of the actor, which continues “Say a product has become more ‘raw’ and ‘dark’ turns out to be almost a cliché of these times, is a fashion which began with the second movie of Harry Potter, and inspires people to see the movie or the series. I don't give a s**t of this, it is a word that means nothing by itself because it does not analyze the content of the movie or the series. What do you mean by ‘dark’? You are looking at the psyche and emotions of the human deep inside, that part that we don't want to see and of which we find it hard to talk about? If you mean by this, in the case of Titans, then yes, it is true, in the Titans is told this and does so in a way, ‘raw’, as you can see already from the first episodes. It's like having a glance total and without filters of the personality behind the mask of these heroes.”

And indeed, as underlines Ritchson, this in-depth analysis and fragility of all the characters (regardless of the personal situations of each one) emerges brilliantly in these early episodes, which you can read, to read more about our reviews.


The introduction, in the course of the first season, Jason Todd and many other characters, it will not do to feed this great machine overall psychic who wants to be Titans. With the security that, as stated by the actor, the whole could also give hope to the audience.

The new promo for the next episode of the teen Titans show instead, for the first time the Doom Patrol in action:

The characters that will be introduced in the universe with Titans, will be the protagonists of their own series spin-off.

The cast is made up of Brenton Thwaites (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Revenge of Salazar) in the role of Dick Grayson/Robin; Teagan Croft in the role of Raven; Anna Diop in the role of Starfire; Alan Ritchson (Aquaman on Smallville, Raphael in Ninja Turtles) and Minka Kelly (Charlie's Angels) in the roles of Hawk and dove; Conor Leslie (the man in The high castle) in the role of Wonder Girl, and Lindsey Gort (Baby Daddy, Agent Carter, The Carrie Diaries, Lucifer) in the role of detective Amy Rohrbach.

The series is currently available with episodes weekly on the streaming platform DC (monthly subscription is $7.99 or a yearly $74.99) awaiting the arrival full on Netflix.

Titans: Alan Ritchson (the Hawk), which explains why the series is better than Infinity War is




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