Titans 2: you will also see Cyborg?


Published on Sep 09, 2019


The fans in DC probably would not expect to see Cyborg make his debut on TV on the Doom Patrol, rather than on the Titans, but this is exactly what happened. After sharing some behind the scenes footage of the actor of Cyborg Joivan Wade into the costume the actor of Titans Ryan Potter has launched the idea of uniting the hero to the rest of the team. This would result finally in the show, all of the founding members of the cartoon Teen Titans.

Ryan Potter says Cyborg will eventually be in the ‘Titans’ and Joivan Wade says he and Potter are dying for it to happen!

— Thomas Roberts (@thomas_polito) September 7, 2019

Potter, who plays Beast Boy, can that support such a solution, given the relationship that exists between their characters. And also the fan should be in favor of this move given that the show has started to refer more to the various incarnations of the Teen Titans. Cyborg is now played by Wade. His interpretation is a bit more mature than they are used to the spectators, but it would fit perfectly in the Titans.

Executive producer Sarah Schecter had declared during a presentation at the TCA: “DC has made a decision, smart enough, to separate the film world and the television world”.

Wade explained how his version of the Cyborg differs from previous representations of the hero in other media. He explained that Victor Stone is in a different place in his journey in fighting crime compared to when it was in Justice League or in one of the cartoons:

“It's a different version than any other version, and an opportunity for me to take my own way. Is a Cyborg, the previous is learning about his powers, and very far away from the Justice League. There is a distinction between this version and others,” he explained.


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