Titans 2: Brenton Thwaites confirms the costume of Nightwing


Published on May 17, 2019


So dark that some people thought that the character could become Nightwing already in the course of the first season of the teen Titans, but it is not successful. Thanks to a new interview with Thwaites, however, we discover that Nightwing may make an appearance in the second season, since there is already a costume ready, as confirmed in a Red Carpet Report. He was asked, in fact, if he had a new costume for Nightwing, and even if it is not exactly new, there is still a costume.


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“I don't know if I have a new one... I think... yes, I have a new one,” said Thwaites. “I haven't tried it, so I'll have to try it and see how it is, see how I is, see if I can muovermici, probably yes. I am excited to try it.”

So far in the series, Grayson wore his classic outfit from Robin, even if the character is well away from Robin “more rational” that we have known so far. It seems that in season 2 we will see him finally leave the name of Robin and become Nightwing; the rest of the fans have already met the new Robin, Jason Todd, in the series, which currently is the partner of Batman.

In the comics Robin has had a similar evolution, moving from the classic dress in green, red and yellow to the black and blue, even if in the comics has gone through a few different versions of the costume before moving to the final. Even if some maybe would like to see a tribute to his first costume, we hope that this does not happen, and that is to adopt the blue and black. There remains, however, that to wait for further developments.

Titans 2: Brenton Thwaites confirms the costume of Nightwing is




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