Tish delete from the Instagram photos of Friends and gives his explanation, however, is not convincing


Published on Aug 08, 2019


In the last hours those who follow with passion and affection one of the talent most appreciated in the latest edition of Friends, you are aware of a controversy born on social. Let's talk about Tish and the singer from the red hair in the school has left its mark thanks to her beautiful voice. Tish is definitely one of the stars of Friends 18 and it is for this reason that a lot of his fans ( and even haters admit it even if it is ugly is to say that writing it) have noticed something the girl did. Tish in the last hours has decided to delete from the profile, Instagram, all the images that in some way bind the school to Friends. And since so many of her fans have asked why this choice, he then tried to give his own explanation. The words of Tish, however, instead of dispelling the doubts they have created of the other...

Tish then wanted to explain the choice to delete the photo, attach to Friends ( or better store, she uses this term):

In the last few days some of you have written to me asking why the storage of the photos of Friends from my profile Instagram. You know that I tend not to justify my choices, and I hope always to be understood over time, but in this case I care because I want to Friends and to you that thanks to school I have known. The why is all there, in the word school. We've all been there and think they can deny that time is impossible. Too many emotions, people, effort to pretend there was. Gave me a lot, made me grow as I could not even imagine, as do the best schools and has taught me most of what you read in the books. But finished that path, I asked myself: and now?

To then conclude thus:

Now there is a jump in the emptiness, and I can't wait because I know that there is you to hold me by the hand. It is just inside the school that a dear friend said to me: it doesn't matter so much to prepare for the studies, but what studies you prepare. Soon new music, new stages, new people to meet and learn from still. I am ready, you?

The reaction of the followers to this explanation is varied. There are those who think that Tish has done well and should go on his way thinking only of the music and not to the rest, and who makes out that maybe, erase a bit of his own experience only by social, not going to change things...And you, which side are you on? That explanation dates to the gesture made by Tish?

( PHOTO from the Fb page of Friends )

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