Tiramisu Sweet Stout, a beer intense between strength and sweetness

Published on Jul 14, 2018

Summer, sea, warm: it is true, all is true. We've said it in the last few weeks and again, but we want to take a break from the beers to read and refreshing, we want to sip something strong and structured, with placid calm and reflective relaxation, in spite of the high temperatures and common sense. If you are among those who appreciate a drink that knows how to accompany a quiet evening, that is in the garden to contemplate the same or in front of the TV for a good movie, a series, a meeting of Wimbedon or the imminent end of Russia 2018, this is for you.

If we are talking about something strongly, it is because our choice has fallen on the Tiramisu Sweet Stout brewery from the Dutch Uiltje, which from the name suggests, the style of reference: it is a Sweet Stout (otherwise known as Milk Stout), or a stout with the sweet, which is accentuated by the presence of lactose, which has been given an extra gear on the floor of the degree of alcohol: beer Uiltje arrives at 10.7% ABV, falling broadly within the parameters of an Imperial Stout.

For this we consider a beer to be sipped, taking their time, but also for the richness of flavor that complements and enriches the sensations had from the first impact on the nose: coffee and cocoa, of course, the usual aromas of the data from malts roasted beans, but also some concessions to tones more creamy and vanilla, and the inevitable hints of the alcohol.


Aromas confirm the palate, why is the Imperial Stout of Uiltje part from the classic flavor of a stout, with a net deviation toward the sweet, then the predominance of cocoa on the coffee, emphasized by lactose and almost no flavor of licorice which is also a feature present in other beers of the style. The quality of the Tiramisu Sweet Stout resides in the flaunt the component of the most sweet, without that this becomes excessive or cloying. It will be about the liqueur amaretto is present, which dissolves the excessive sweetness by adding interesting nuances, or simply in the balance of the different flavours, but the result is a drinkable, very well-developed, that the mask well the component of alcohol and acted as the slow enjoyment that we evoked in the opening.

A stout sui generis that falls within the parameters of classical style, from the visual point of view, with its dark colour and a head of foam, beige, thin and not too persistent.

The reference to the tiramisu in the name of the beer is explained in the text on the label, which begins by explaining that “every good boy want to be a grandmother itaiana, a queen of the kitchen meat and abbracciabile who worship him unconditionally”. An explicit reminder of the series of which the Tiramisu Sweet Stout is part of it, Grandma's Cooking Recipes, this beer is the third chapter. A new production that Uiltje has realized in collaboration with Kompaan, flying in Italy, to Treviso, to try an authentic slice of our popular sweet.

It must be said that the reference to the tiramisu is very labile, because while this is a good beer, the taste of the recipe is simply evoked by having tempered with the sweetness of the aromas of cocoa and coffee of the stout. Effective instead the look of the bottle, with the classic owl of the house Uiltje in adorable version of the old lady grandmother.

Those who know the brewery, to Dutch, in fact, knows that the owl is his symbol of choice, this the version the most minimalist in the beautiful logo (also present on the caps of the bottles), and a smaller version of the animated in large part of the labels that are enriched and customized further by the choice to make that a real comic book, with a lot of text in the balloon. See, for example, the entire line basis, from the IPA's Bird of Prey in the American Black Ale Sir Turnaround, going for the Imperial IPA Dr. Raptor to the Imperial Stout SGT. Nightvision. A graphic style is absolutely promoting which makes the production of the brewery from the Dutch unique in the panorama brassicolo european and allows him to highlight his impressive production that boasts some of the beers you absolutely must try it.

Photo Credit: Erika Sciamanna


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