Tina Cipollati furious: “They used my image”


Published on Apr 22, 2020


After the episode of Men and Women, Tina Cipollati was evidently annoyed, what is it this time? He has, in fact, posted some Instagram Stories which warned the improper use of his image to advertise products for weight loss. She vented harshly on his profile against this page, that is certainly retained.

He has published screenshots of the alleged page, and commented bluntly: “this is a false news, they used my image, I don't know what it is.” But that is not the end here, he continued thus: “Will be sued”. In the subsequent history has asked his followers to share the news fake, so that people don't fall into the scams and to make it clear that she has nothing to do with any of this.

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The historical commentator of Men and Women, is a strong woman that loves to be teased. Especially because in the last few months Tina Cipollati has embarked on a strict diet to get back in shape, without the use of these alleged pills ‘magical’ weight-loss.

Also Gianni Sperti, after reading the post of a complaint by Tina Cipollati, has shared on his page Instagram without comment, but limited only to taggarla. How it will end this bad story? Tina Cipollati will have justice? And, above all, these promotions will disappear soon from the internet?

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To uncover the Pandora's box was the well-known press agent of Maria De Filippi, Elisabetta Soldiers (or better Betti Soldiers), a few days ago he had discovered that Maria De Filippi was selected as the face of the campaign, despite the host had not given any consent to lend his image.

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