Tim Cook talks about Apple Watch, Steve Jobs and policy at The David Rubenstein Show


Published on Jun 13, 2018


Bloomberg Television has published waiting for the interview to the CEO of Apple Tim Cook held by David Rubenstein, one of the three founders of the company multi-billion dollar Carlyle Group.

During the long interview, Tim Cook touched on other topics such as his education, the growing importance of the Apple Watch as a real device saves lives, the contribution of the still alive Steve Jobs and much more.

Commenting on the excellent financial results of Apple, Tim Cook said that there are no special secrets if you do not focus on creativity, to create the right products and treating customers as if they were jewels. And the analysts that regularly provide revenue to the downside, Cook reiterates that the purpose of Apple when launching a new product is not to reason on the performance of the following quarter: “We work and think in the long term. We do not deal with the company for people who want a quick return. Can happen quarters below expectations, but for us this was never a problem because we think of the results on the long-term. A shareholder expert as Warren Buffett has married this way of thinking in the long term, as confirmed by its recent investments in shares AAPL”.

Any word on Apple Park, a project created and strongly wanted by Steve Jobs. The campus will soon be completed 100% and all the employees will move there from the present campus. And about Steve Jobs, Cook's remember to be been convinced to leave Compaq, in those times, certainly larger than Apple, in a few minutes, talking about their plans for future projects long-term: “In his eyes there was a spark that made you realize that with him you could do great things. Jobs looked to the left when all the others looked to the right. He had a vision of the future was exceptional and was always moved by his passion for what he did“.

One speaks then of the Apple Watch, with Cook, who wanted to recall the many cases where the device has literally saved the lives of some users, thanks to the built-in sensors and the app specifications: “in Addition to this, the Apple Watch is a great productivity tool. Can I quickly browse through some e-mails, view appointments, use Siri to reply to a message, and constantly monitor my physical activity”.

The CEO of Apple has stated that his company will always work to protect the privacy of the users, considered to be a fundamental human right: “our goal is to take a minimum amount of data of our customers, to have only what we need to provide an excellent service. And all data is protected by advanced encryption systems”.

During the interview, Tim Cook also spoke of some of the themes dear to him such as equality in the workplace, LGBT rights and the importance of providing the same opportunities of work and success to all people, without distinction of any kind.

With regard to future plans, Tim Cook has confirmed that Apple will invest a lot of his money to the United States to create a new campus and hire at least 20,000 people in the coming years.

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