Tim Cook has stumbled on his specialties: the timely arrival of the products on the market


Published on Jan 08, 2018


With Tim Cook to the guide, the sale of Apple products has suffered a marked delay compared to the past. Tripp Mickle of The Wall Street Journal has analyzed, therefore the current expected long between the announcement of a product and its arrival on the market.

Compared to the average of 11 days in the six previous years, today, the days of waiting for new and updated products are on average 23. The products that mark the new categories for Apple launched during the leadership of Tim Cook, or AirPods and HomePod, have not respected the date of market launch announced during their official presentation.

The most important examples:

Tim Cook is well-known, even before becoming the CEO of Apple, to be a person exact, that has always worked to ensure that the products arrive on the shelves on time. So what has changed in the recent years, especially with respect to the period of Steve Jobs?

Of course, the time that passes between the announcement of a product and its actual availability can cause damage to Apple on several fronts. The rival companies have more time to “react” to the new products, while an excessive waiting can easily disappoint potential customers. However, it is worth pointing out that today Apple is a different company from the one led by Steve Jobs, with lines of products that is large that must be updated on an annual basis. The company from Cupertino each year is then relying on manufacturing partners for components (often not simple to implement) for its devices. Coordinate additional staff, including manufacturers and assemblers, it may potentially cause delays on the roadmap.

To be changed (for the better) is also the number of Apple devices used all over the world, which according to estimates are 1.1 billion. For each new product (particularly the iPhone), Apple must cope with a high demand, a factor that will surely influence the production and shipping times, how much less in the first period of availability.

The policy Apple is now very clear, in particular with regard to sudden delays on the market, and it is more or less this: “if a product is not yet available, means that it is not ready, and we are not a company that sells products for its customers that are not ready”. One line of thought (perhaps) justifiable, but what is correct? Apple according to you should better manage the timing of the announcement and availability of the products?

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