Tim Cook fifth in the ranking Recode the Top 100 of the best leaders


Published on Dec 07, 2017


In the annual ranking of the 100 best managers in the world of technology, media and business, and Tim Cook is in the fifth place, thanks mainly to AR and the Apple Watch.

The first place ranking Jeff Bezos, chief of Amazon, followed by Susan Fowler of Uber, to the third place, by the journalist Megan Twohey, Jodi Kantor, and Ronan Farrow who have published the details of the sex scandal that has invested Harvey Weinstein, and all the world of Hollywood. Fourth place for Mark Zuckerberg, he changed the way people see the news and have improved the system of monetization), and fifth to Tim Cook.

Speaking of Tim Cook, Recode wrote that his role in Apple is too often underestimated. The 2017 has vito Apple return to growth in terms of sales in smartphone market and tablets, with the company expected to reach by the end of the year 238 billion of revenue in 12 months (+20 billion compared to 2016).

According to Recode, are the Apple Watch and the AR technology to represent innovation by Tim Cook:

The Apple Watch, the first major new product launched under the was Cook, it became a huge success. The AirPods are sorpendenti and together formed one of the lines of wearable and the most interesting in the market, especially for fitness and health.

Cook was praised for having made the AR technology within the reach of all developers, thanks to ARKit, but also for its efforts in social, and for his battles for equality, education, respect for the environment and diversity. They were also awarded many of his numerous public appearances, in addition to her way to manage the social and personal: “beyond a few small occasional problem, such as the delay in the launch of the HomePod, software bugs embarrassing, and some other small hitch, 2017, has been a great year for Apple”.

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