Tim Cook at the Good Morning America talk of new iPhone rates and Apple Watch


Published on Sep 18, 2018


In an interview with Robin Roberts during Good Morning America, Tim Cook spoke about the new iPhone and also tackled some political issues.

The CEO of Apple not only had the new iPhone XS and XS Max for and show them to the public in the studio and on TV, but has also answered some questions posted on Twitter the day before.

The first question was concerned, however, tariffs and duties that the government Trump is going to impose on goods imported from China. This is the answer of Tim Cook:

The iPhone is assembled in China, but the components come from every part of the world, including the United States. The glass comes from Kentucky, some chips are from the United States, and of course research and development is carried out in our country. I don't want to speak for the government, but I think they have done some research and have figured that it would be a great thing to impose tariffs on this type of product. They are, however, optimistic about possible reprisals from the chinese government. The trade is one of those things where it's not about playing who is stronger. I believe that the two countries will soon get an understanding and solve the issue.

Roberts then asked Cook what responsibility do you feel now that Apple has become a company by a thousand billion dollars:

From my point of view, Apple could only be created in America. We are a society that is deeply american, so we feel tremendously responsible to help our country. For this reason, we have launched a series of plans to hire more people in the United States and create the new structures.



We speak then of the new iPhone and their prices, with the Max that has abundantly surpassed the threshold of $ 1,000:

We want to create an iPhone for all, for this is the older models are available at lower costs. In addition, more and more people opt for purchasing in instalments, taking advantage of the offerings of the various operators, not only in the United States. Therefore, even if the phone has a price of over a thousand dollars, most people pay about$ 30 / month. A dollar a day for a device that has replaced the digital camera, video camera, digital music player, and many other products that require a separate purchase. This is not to sell more but to sell better.


Finally, with regard to the Apple Watch, Tim Cook focused on the new functions related to the health and functionality ECG integrated in the new model.

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