Tim Cook admitted that the iPhone “too expensive”, at least in some markets


Published on May 24, 2016


The iPhone has always been synonymous with smartphones, “expensive” and not within the reach of all, but, according to the words of Tim Cook soon its price could be cut in some markets...

During one of his last interviews before leaving India, Tim Cook spoke of the prices of the iPhone outside the United States: “our profitability in India is lower than other markets, but I have to admit that probably the price of the iPhone is still too high. We want to try to lower the price as much as possible, for this we are examining a whole series of ideas”.

Cook explained that often, abroad, you have to add customs duties and taxes in excess of those of the United States, and it is for this reason that the price of the iPhone is higher. The idea is then to find solutions to lower these prices, at least in emerging markets such as indian or chinese. In any case, Tim Cook and Apple are finally aware that, in some situations, the price of the iPhone is actually too high to be able to compete with the market, at least at high volumes.





The CEO of Apple we would to point out that a lowering of price will not result in a lower quality of the products, because the company's goal is always to make devices of the highest level, “... for this, we will never be able to compete with cheap smartphones, simply because we do not want to realize. I want that the consumer in India can buy an iPhone at the same absolute price as compared to the United States. This is my goal”.

In essence, Tim Cook opens the doors to a small cut in prices in some markets, but not Apple will ever have a iPhone lower quality just to satisfy a growing demand for this type of devices.



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