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Published on Dec 07, 2017


It starts with a bang, with one of the most long-lived comics self-produced. “Cazzimma” that's the reason why, body fluids that come out from every where, pictures splatter to the rhythm of salsa and closing with a bang: what more do you want from a comic book, especially if the protagonist is the controversial Don Zauker?

With the coming of my kingdom, the exorcist priest, a synonym of somersaults, verbal, scams, and divine justice is fallen in the ground, comes back more pissed than before. Chills along the back of each word of the exorcist, where the language (and not only) kills more than any sword.

Don Zauker “flesh out” all of the sudden, 3 years after the last work of the Hermit crabs, Habemus Papam. The gestation period is so long of this story gave the fruit delicious and ripe, confirming Emiliano Pagani, Daniele Caluri, as two authors who know how to reinvent itself and to reinvent a character from the contours and multifaceted at the same time. Let's see how.

The very few times, the inside of the strips, we have seen Don Zauker projected in a historical moment of the past. In the monographs, we see the place in different places and historical moments politically and humanly important. The catholic Carmen Sandiego by the traits of the face “vonsydowiani,” finds himself this time in El Salvador, in a historic moment at the turn of the Seventies and Eighties. We are in the midst of civil war, surrounded by death squads hunting down political dissidents.

The final pages cry, the counterpart of the dialogues vis a vis dialogues on the phone, the justice is not fulfilled but cries out for help to the top to understand that everything is wrong, is unjust, while the alternation of the cartoons is to enhance the climax, bouncing the reader from the Vatican to San Salvador, creating a unique dialogue that points the finger at the guilty, them to justice, in a final explosion of historical awareness, by atoning for the player from the sins of which it is made the load along the course of the narrative. And sorry for all these commas.

Hermit crabs pull forward the recovery of the historical episodes that belonged to the Church, a political body that has repressed in the course of the years, errors that are caused by their emissaries, to the detriment of human beings. Already in Hell and Heaven have pointed the finger at the Church for the genocide committed by a priest in Rwanda. In the coming of my kingdom, you will discover the behavior of the Church (in the figure of pope John Paul II) in respect of el salvador. The all is the setting of the background to the typical aplomb zaukeresco and his way of bring the word of the Lord in the world, this time even more extreme and perverse than ever.

For the regular visitors of Don Zauker this volume is a breath of fresh air: the fundamental principles of the character remain unaltered, also being amplified by the table opening. The first pages are a visiting card of a strong impact: those who have never read anything of the exorcist priest from the cadence of leghorn you may find yourself pleasantly wrong-footed by the “spiritual power” of Don Zauker.

Under the graphic point of view, we see a strong change compared to the albums prior. Caluri, it is amused with grey, creating a three-dimensional effect on the first floors of Don Zauker. The wrinkles of the face wrinkle in the sheet and the drops of sweat (or spit) seem to escape from the table. A note of special praise for the scenes in the dark, eliminating almost all of the points of light that stand out the expressions of the characters, we notice that in some of the vignettes, the protagonists of the story give the back to the light sources. In spite of this, you can see the expressions of the faces. Not only that, the skill of the designer has ensured that every point of light of each vignette comes from a single weak source of light, placed near the wall of the room. I challenge the reader to prove otherwise.

The cover has the typical flavour of the western film, foreshadowing to the reader the presence of shots wide and low, cut to the height of the eyes, and the first few floors. The framing that goes from the bottom up puts us in an attitude typical prayer, bent on his knees, in the presence of an emissary of God.

A cool job and written with historical accuracy. There is no doubt that the pages of Don Zauker is a field where the Hermit crabs are playing at home and which give the audience the best show of images and words. with their jobs at Panini Comics (Nirvana), the Publisher Sergio Bonelli (Dylan Dog) and Tunuè (Kraken, of the Pagans with Bruno Cannucciari), Pagans, and Caluri confirmed to be the authors of all trades, able to make you laugh, think, and do comics, with a stretch realistic and not only.

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