Thunderbolt Display and a MacBook Pro with graphics Radeon Pro Vega arriving in November


Published on Nov 04, 2018


They are going to get more news from Apple in addition to those announced during the last event. Even if you have not talked about the MacBook Pro, the company will soon be offering the ability to add a graphics Radeon Pro Vega.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro will be the same but can be configured with a graphics Radeon Pro Vega 16 or Radeon Pro Vega 20 with 4GB of memory HBM2 dedicated.

It is the first time that a mobile GPU Vega dedicated is integrated into a notebook. Has the same graphics architecture used in the iMac Pro, a processing engine optimized and uses memory bandwidth HBM2. This memory doubles the bandwidth to the GPU, and the power consumption is much lower, leaving a greater quantity of available power to the GPU itself. In this way you will have the graphics performance is much higher (up to 60% faster than the Radeon Pro 560X) for video, 3D content, rendering and other challenging workloads.

No information on the price, for the moment, but this variant will be available during the course of the month. For sure it will not be economic, especially if we consider that it can be combined with laptops that already have a starting price of 3399€.

The news does not end here. Those who have already had the opportunity to do the Unboxing of the Mac Mini, in fact, have you noticed that in the booklet leaflet integrated, is shown an Apple Cinema / Thunderbolt Display to be connected to the small computer. However, this model does not exist and it is possible that the company will announce shortly. The Thunderbolt Display is, in fact, no longer on sale in 2016, while the manual of the new Mac Mini has been redone this year. Next to the Finder icon in fact, you will note also that of Siri.

A similar thing has already happened with the new iPhone XS and XR, where the manual talks about AirPower, the base wireless charging, even if the site have removed all the references.

Apple is definitely working on so many products that do not yet appear on the site. We will keep you updated.

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