Three news about Samsung: Here's the new S7 Black Pearl, the Note 7 will be “exterminated”, rumors about the S8


Published on Dec 10, 2016


Today we talk about Samsung and collect in a single article, three different news regarding these last days. Let's start from the most recent:

Samsung must be very much liked the iPhone 7 in the color Jet Black. The company has been able to attend to the success and the great demand for this model is “churn”, as of yesterday, the new Galaxy S7 in Black Pearl.

The phone is exactly the same, but the company advertises as a device of absolute quality and luxury. Will be sold exclusively in the 128GB version, and as the only difference compared to the colored versions already on the market for 9 months, there will be only the cover that is completely black and glossy.

All of this is a bit of a paradox given that at the Mobile World Congress in late February, Samsung will present the new Galaxy S8 and definitely not worth it to buy a S7 and now with the new model at the door. Probably the company would have been able to launch the new color with the next model, while also avoiding the usual accusations of “copy”.

We change completely the speech passing from the Galaxy S7 to the Galaxy Note 7, the unlucky equipment that the company has had to withdraw from the market because of several cases of explosion. After having withdrawn twice, the devices delivered to the users, Samsung has decided to put a stone on the whole thing and store it completely. From 15 December, will be then released a software update that will KO the last Notes 7 that have not yet been delivered to the shops.

Samsung will reimburse all users who carry the phone in a store and they will replace it with a Galaxy S7 or other device of your choice. For reasons of security and image, the company is obliged to act in this way and put an end to Notes 7. Even those who refused to hand them over right now, will have to necessarily do so because after the 15 December, the software will be changed in a way that does not allow for multiple charging, making it impossible to turn back on.

The latest news is a Rumor about the next Galaxy S8. As already said, will be revealed at the end of February 2017, and in advance of the next iPhone, which, instead, will arrive in September. Apparently Samsung will Apple with a terminal by the OLED display has no frames and a Home button integrated virtual on-screen. In short, Samsung could produce a smartphone similar to the Xiaomi Mi Mix, and probably will be deleted headphone Jack 3.5 mm




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