THREE launches Play GT9: 1000 minutes, and 20 GB to 9€

Published on Nov 21, 2017

Good news for those who has intention to pass to 3. The company now merged with Wind has launched a new offer for new customers to 9€/28 days called the Play GT9 but you can only activate online (as you will find described in this article). This new range of three, available to new customers who change operator (also keeping the number), it includes 1000 minutes, and 20 GB to 9€ each 28 days.

The offer has an activation fee of€ 9, and the thresholds are not monthly, but, unfortunately, weekly.

Like all the offers of the three, this one has the thresholds, weekly to be observed. The details are these:

*please remember that the 4G is in promotion€ 0 up to 31 may 2018. After this date it will cost€ 1 a month.

Yeah. In addition to the cost of the offer and the 4G (which three you pay for) there are other extra costs from the need to consider and put into the account. The extra costs relate to the basic plan Power29 already present in the SIM at the time of purchase and include:

If you wish to activate the offer Play GT9 Three just go on this page of the site of the THREE and follow the steps that you will find on the next. You will have to enter your identity document, and a shipping address for you to get the SIM at home.

If the offer does not convince you, try to find one tailor-made for you by leveraging our comparator rates.

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