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Published on Nov 19, 2019


How hard is it to tell the ordinary life of a couple ordinary who lives a life like any other, that it breaks like the other, without either a history as the other? Simple: make it write to Tito Faraci. The scriptwriter, “disne-bonell-feltrinelliano” he sat in front of his pc to write a story in which many can reflect, choosing it as a photography background i Navigli milanesi.

On the other hand, there is Silvia Ziche, the great artist who manages to make graphically all the human expressions that are possible in this world. Anger, joy, tenderness, disappointment and drunkenness pass on the faces of Martha and Marco for the 72 pages of the comic and make us live with them a story of separation, between a love that is now stale and the desire for something different.

The history from the present, to go back to the sound of the flashback in the daily life of Marco and Marta, a married couple who are ill endure, after years of marriage and many years of managing the same restaurant, “Da Marto”.

Him a womaniser and the eternal boy, she is pragmatic and rational: a couple who seems to be initially well-matched, but with the time it flakes and separates, in a way that is so dry and decisive as a piece of chocolate that detaches from the rest of the block with a stack! dry.

He puts the horns with all of them, she does not want to be put aside and, without knowing it, find someone that you begin to take care of her. Deception, falsehood and deception are the backdrop to the life of the two, that in spite of the separation have yet to “bear with” as they work in their restaurant. The ultimate solution would be to buy the part of the restaurant headed to the other, but two million is too many to give to the other ex-spouse.

Marco search for a solution, confiding them between his fantasies with the character bonelliano to excellence: the Lone Ranger (which, from the pen of Faraci repeatedly gave life) is the comic relief to those who, like Mark, is already living inside a joke.

On the other hand, there is a Marta strong, determined, sure of herself and what she wants to be sure to still want a Mark in his life. Try to live a life where it is appreciated for what it really is,

The comedy, signature indelibly by both authors, exudes from the pages of Those two. Everyday situations which the protagonists live are the same for all in which we find ourselves always. You laugh and smiles when we find ourselves in the protagonists or in the friends of the protagonists, but at the same time is reflected in the scenes love.

As already mentioned at the beginning of this review, is a story really ordinary. But let's be clear: it is not at all obvious or told wrong, but is the epitome of the classic stories that our friends do during an evening in their company, in front of a spritz or a prosecco, and maybe walking the street admiring the view around him.

And it is precisely among the lights of the bars of the Navigli that Faraci and Ziche us: between the black lines on the net massed between them that create the night, the designer brings a shine to white and black, the lights of the promenade of the milanese, soaking melancholy a sad story.

A story from the Italian flavor and color from a dull yellow, like the sun of Milan, and as the cover that surrounds the story.

Those Two Tito Faraci and Silvia Ziche | Review of




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