Thor: the new Mjolnir the God of Thunder


Published on Apr 16, 2020


In 2014, Thor lost his mighty hammer after becoming unworthy to lift it up in the history of Original Sin. In the years to follow, the character has continued his adventures without his iconic Mjolnir, the legendary weapon that had made him the god of thunder.

Attention! The article may contain spoilers about Thor #1-4 of Donny Cates and Nic Klein!

In the meantime, it was Jane Foster to lift the hammer and take the name of Thor. This was the status of the character for several years, until Jane had to fight with the monstrous Mangog, throwing the Mjolnir in the heart of the sun.

Since then, it would seem that the Mjolnir was lost or simply destroyed. The hammer is then returned in the hands of Thor at the end of 2019 in the War of Kingdoms, the story in which Thor riforgerà the hammer, becoming once again worthy to lift it.

When the original Mjolnir was thrown into the sun by Jane Foster, a part of the metal Uru hammer is still in the heart of the burning star. However, the wooden grip was used by Thor to be able to lift was now gone. Therefore, when Thor has riforgiato the Mjolnir had only the pieces of the old hammer.

For this new hammer, Thor had to create a new handle and he did it by taking a part of Yggdrasil, the cosmic tree that unites all the Ten Kingdoms. Using the branches of the tree, Thor has built a new handle that, visibly, is very different from that of his old hammer, which was adorned with silver.

The #1 Thor, written by Donny Cates and illustrated by Nic Klein presents a story set after the War of the Kingdoms. As the new King of Asgard, Thor embraces his new role watching over the Ten Kingdoms, intent on keeping the peace after the recent war.

To strengthen his power, Thor will show his incredible strength and his new power by throwing Mjolnir to Earth to help the Avengers to defeat a monstrous invader.

But before the magic hammer to reach the Ground, Thor will make sure the Mjolnir through all of the Ten Kingdoms in their entirety. Wherever it goes, the Mjolnir will bring the voice of the King of Asgard. This allows Thor to control all of the Kingdoms at the same time, in the entire universe. This is an incredible new power which the old Mjolnir was missing.

When the new Mjolnir fell to Earth during the War of the Kingdoms, the engraving present on the hammer was the same as before: “Anyone wielding this hammer, if worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

It seemed that Thor had earned back the ability to wield it when she lifted him up to defeat Malekith once and for all. But in the new cycle of Donny Cates and Nic Klein the surprises are not missed, and it came out that the spell is not the same as before.

In fact, although it is still worthy, Thor is starting to notice that the hammer is becoming more and more heavy. Even begin to strive to lift it. This could confirm the hypothesis according to which the enchantment of the new Mjolnir is different from the previous one.

An additional test that would confirm this hypothesis come from Loki, the god of deception, and only recently, the new King of the Ice Giants. In #4 Thor the Mjolnir lands on the lands of Jotunheim, and Loki will lift the hammer. The latter will be quickly invoked by Thor before Loki literally in shock processes what happened and what it could mean.

While the hammer is heavier for a brother for the other is, strangely, more light, is it possible that the roles are reversing?

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