Thor: Donny Cates has plans bigger than Venom


Published on May 10, 2020


Starting this year, Donny Cates rose to the helm of the ongoing series of Thor taking the place of Jason Aaron to the lyrics. Of course, we are only at the beginning, but the writer has already revealed that he has big plans for the God of Thunder.

A fan asked the writer how long do you expect to remain at the reins of the title, noting that Donny Cates said he has worked out for Venom a plan duration of five years.

“My plans for Thor are as big, if not bigger than my plans for Venom if this may give you some clue,” responded to this matter, the screenwriter. “Whether you like it or not, I shall go immediately.”

My Thor's plan is as big if not bigger than my venom plan if that gives you any indication.

like it or not I'm not going anywhere anytime soon

— DONNY⚡️CATES (@Doncates) May 8, 2020

The first arc of Donny Cates, “The King Killer”, has seen the efforts of Thor to fulfill his duties as the new King of Asgard. After that Galactus has arrived on the magical land in search of the aid of Thor to face the Winter Black, the God of Thunder, has become the new herald of Galactus.

Cates has already revolutionized the mythology of Venom, introducing Knull, the god of the symbiont. The #5 Thor written by Donny Cates and illustrated by Nic Klein will be released in the States on the 24th of June.

Thor: Donny Cates has plans bigger than the Venom is




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