Thor: Aaron and Cebulsky speak of War of the Realms


Published on Apr 01, 2019


With shimmer all over the Marvel world, War of the Realms is intended to have an effect on all the titles of the shared universe in the next few weeks. he has had the opportunity to interview Jason Aaron – the writer of Thor who serves as the architect for this event – and the editor of Marvel's CB Cebulski to talk about everything related to War of the Realms and what this means for fans of Marvel.

In describing the event, Aaron has compared it to the version Marvel de the Lord of The Rings, at least on the surface. With Malekith and his army, which spread in other contexts of the Marvel universe that normally would not ever, fans can see items in the game that otherwise would not have been able to exist: “The film would be the Lord of the Rings in the Marvel Universe,” says Aaron. “We are all the worst villains of the 10 realms that invade the Earth and cause chaos, and that would be a story of Thor. Usually, it's a question of where Thor should be concerned. As we can see in the opening of the War of the Realms, Thor can't do it, then a history of the Thor becomes a story of all: they are the Avengers, Wolverine, The Punisher, the Fantastic Four. Are all the major heroes of the Marvel universe that have to do with the things of Thor who are not used to treat”.

“The fun part is to mix those elements, mixing elements of fantasy with elements of the Marvel Universe,” continues the writer. “Sometimes it is Spider-Man wearing a helmet viking or is the Punisher having to resort to his arsenal to trick the giants of the frost. There are many fun things to do. Daredevil is a big part of this and seems to be in great style. He [Daredevil] has a different look. He has a great sword. His powers are different. Everything is different. Is with War of the Realms and number two, that you will have the first taste of this”.

War of the Realms is an event that is intricate that is forming from when Aaron started writing Thor: “The things that I have done for seven years, Thor has evolved in this way,” says Aaron.

War of the Realms will not only have great impact on the Marvel universe, but the event will also mark the beginning of the end of the stories of Aaron on Thor. While Aaron confirms that his time with the Heralds is coming to an end, Cebulski mentions that it is not decided yet as to when Aaron will withdraw from the title: “I can say that certainly everything that I did on the Thor was developed in this way,” says Aaron. “And it will change drastically the status quo of Thor, and the status quo for all the characters that surround him, then I am going to be right after my Thor...”

“I don't want to spoil too much, but there will be a relationship between Midgard and Asgard that we have never seen before, and will go in both directions,” says Cebulski of War of the Realms. “So, now that the inhabitants of the Earth are a bit more aware of everything that happens in Asgard with Thor and everything that has happened and that there are all these creatures up there, there is more of an awareness that this will affect the future.”

“We're still deciding when [Aaron] will leave, what he wants to do with his arc, but will not be this year,” admits the editor. “With War of the Realms has told the story that he wants to do, you should now understand what want to continue to do, and when he goes, every writer has a end of his career. As to when it will be, neither I, nor Jason, nor anyone at Marvel can say yet, but we talked about”.

War of the Realms #1 is slated for release on April 3.

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