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Published on May 07, 2020


“Anyone mai this hammer, if worthy, shall possess the power of Thor”.

Only those who are worthy are able to lift the Mjolnir, the magical hammer of Thor, the god of thunder. However, to be worthy should have to do with a minimum of morality, no?

For every Captain America or Jane Foster, who is able to lift the hammer thanks to your good heart, there are a myriad of sinister individuals who, for any other reason, are worthy to lift it... so what does that mean exactly for the hammer to be worthy?

These villain are not noble, nor good, but have all the qualities that make them worthy to wield it. By the gods, the nazis themselves, when they raise the hammer, it is normal for us to ask, what are the standards of the Mjolnir, or perhaps, some evil could be able to subvert the ability of the hammer being worthy.

These are only hypothesis, the Marvel Universe teaches us that everything is possible. But in the wrong hands, the Mjolnir might become a weapon that is unstoppable, and such events occurred more often in the comics, by teaching us that the fate of a battle now won, can change from one moment to the other.

So who are these people? Here's to you 5's who have wielded the legendary Mjolnir!

Loki has always been one of the opponents Thor is the most recurrent. In the course of his adventures, the god of thunder has repeatedly used the Mjolnir to defeat him. But in #4 of the recent run of Thor Donny Cates, Loki raises surprisingly the hammer.

The reason why both managed to lift it has not yet been explained, but we can make assumptions about it. At the end of the War of the Realms, Loki is sitting on the throne of the Ice Giants, becoming their king. Probably, play an important task may have made Loki worthy of lifting Mjlonir, but the Loki the current is no longer the evil it once was.

Recently Loki has been trying to become a hero, then this, too, may have played a fundamental role. To the contrary, Thor is proving more and more difficult to lift. Perhaps his ability to wield it may have been moved to Loki. Given the reaction to the surprise of Loki, we assume that it is unaware of the spell that allowed him to lift it. Certainly, we will discover the real reason in the next few months.

Recommended reading: Thor #4 (Donny Cates, Nic Klein).

Steve Rogers can lift the Mjolnir, this was already obvious after the event Fear itself. However, in the Secret Empire came out that Captain America has retained this ability, although it was not really good.

For this, when this version of the evil Captain America, loyal ally of the Hydra, he found a way to lift the hammer, has left the entire world in shock. Some believed that this act was evidence that the Cap was still a hero. But after it was revealed that Hydra has managed to fool the world, Elisa Sinclair (Madame Hydra) has used the Cube Cosmic to rewrite the rules of Mjolnir, allowing him to lift the hammer.

This rewrite is for a temporary reality remained unknown to Steve, which has led to fatal errors in the plan established by the Hydra when the real Steve Rogers and his version of evil clashed. That time it was the real Captain America to lift the magical hammer, and used the Mjolnir to inflict his version of the evil a lesson they will never forget.

Recommended reading: Secret Empire.

To lift a hammer, this will have to be heavy. If an object has mass, is pushed by the force of gravity, but what would happen if the Mjolinr floating in space without the force of gravity? There is someone who is not Thor, that you may be able to lift it without being worthy?

Would be surprised to find out that the answer to this question that is impregnated with pure physics is revealed by the Hulk Red, when he fought Thor in space. With the hammer floating, and without the force of gravity in space, Ross has not raised the hammer, but he has the Mjolnir, the largest source of gravity, by applying his enormous weight to be able to control the direction of the hammer. So it was that the Hulk Red he used the hammer against Thor.

Recommended reading: the Hulk Red – Alarm red.

It is probably the character most vile that have ever lifted Mjolnir and used for evil purposes. The Ultimate version of Magneto has used the hammer during the crossover Ultimatum to increase its already powerful magnetic powers, and to reverse the earth's axis.

Unlike the Magneto of the Marvel Universe, the Ultimate version of the character has not a single bone good in his body. In the narrative universe classic, Magneto can control limited to the hammer with his powers. On the contrary, Ultimate Magneto is pure evil, and is continually looking for new ways to inflict pain and agony, regardless of whether it is mutant or human. In any case, if we want to be precise, this version of Magneto has not raised actually the Mjolnir. Rather, he has used his abilities to manipulate the Uru, the metal of which it is made and hammer forged from the heart of a dying star.

Suggested readings: Ultimatum.

Many may believe Dr. Fate, as not worthy to wield the Mjolnir, in spite of this, at a time of his life, Destiny has proven to be worthy.

During Ragnarok, Thor was separated from his hammer that's coming down in Hell, the place where Destiny had been imprisoned prior to the events of Civil War. As the heroes were distracted elsewhere, Dr. Fate will seize this opportunity to use the hammer, to fight and flee from that place of hell. But after that, it ran away, the villain is back again unworthy to lift it.

Strangely, another character worthy of wielding the Mjolnir during this period was the same as in Ragnarok, a cybernetic clone of Thor created by Tony Stark.

Recommended Reading: Civil War.

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