Thomas Bocchimpani Friends 2017, on the ballot in the 8th in the evening: all the videos What do you mean to Uptown funk

Published on May 13, 2017


In the second heat, Thomas is deployed from Emma in response to a perfect performance of Riccardo Marcuzzo for the blue team. After We are the world team of the Elisa, the team of Emma offers a version of the Feel Good Gorillaz played by Thomas.

Ermal Meta is off but the jury, by a majority, assigns the preference to Richard Marcuzzo. For Thomas, nothing in fact: Richard has expressed sweetness, charm, and sensitivity, in addition to a great personality. Amber agrees, on the human side of Riki, "a true stroke of genius" that brings the point to the blue team.

Thomas Bocchimpani is the second deleted temporary dell'8° evening of Friends, 16 and the most recent challenge is to compete against Federica Paper, the first competitor eliminated in a safe way after the first part of the challenge. The vote against the singer blue, Thomas proposes a "best of" of his performances in the program by alternating the cover the most famous original composition that will be released next week in his debut album. Thomas sings What do you mean, Sorry, Normal, Uptown funk.


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