This Show, Guendalina Tavassi almost naked: Carlo Conti embarrassed – Photos

Published on Oct 27, 2018

Guendalina Tavassi did not go unnoticed yesterday at The show. Despite the defeat, managed to talk himself

One of the discoveries in the arts, Such As show this year is undoubtedly Guendalina Tavassi. She wanted to dare with a dress full of transparencies that has embarrassed Carlo Conti.

Gwendolyn Tavassi has been one of the stars of This Show: Carlo Conti yesterday has been and healthy. After the excellent performance of Bianca Atzei, the soubrette has attracted attention for a dress is too transparent.

He has exhibited the dress in front of the elevator in the encounter with Carlo Conti, what happens before each performance: the ex of Big Brother was presented with a long golden dress, rich embroidery, which left well catch a glimpse of the linen.

A detail that did not escape the conductor Rai, who has tried to run for cover, I understand to the best Tavassi when she got up to join in the famous elevator. The Tavassi was forced to walk backwards from the Accounts, which helped in the arduous task.

The public comments are not tardati to get on social. The look of Gwendolyn Tavassi has been criticised. Someone found it cute, but many others have rejected in full. But even Carlo Conti has been criticized for its bigotry. Gwendolyn at the end of the episode was forced, however, to greet all of you for the score that has excluded from the games.

The commentator of Barbara d'urso, however, can be said to be satisfied: it is able to finally show his quality artistic.

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