This Show 2019: the help Francesco Monte is not enough, here's who won


Published on Oct 19, 2019


After only seven episodes, it concluded the ninth edition of This Show: the talent show vip Rai Uno, conducted by Carlo Conti. The edition this year is a short one because for the first time, beyond the classic edition and the tournament of champions, there will also be a new episode with competitors that are not famous.

Back to the competition, the ninth edition has finally declared the overall winner of the season after performances of all types: to raise to heaven the plaque to the Champion of the ninth edition of This Show is Augustine's Pen, the musician who in all the seven episodes has managed to amaze the audience and the jury with all the performances really amazing.

To triumph, and Show 2019 was Augustine Pen with an unparalleled figure in the final standings: well 373. In the second place Francesco Monte with “only” 321 points. Bronze medal for Lidia Schillaci with 302 points.

Still in the race for the Tournament of Champions – in starting next Friday 25 October – there will also be: Jessica Morlacchi (301 points), Davide De Marinis (him 301 points) and Tiziana Rivale (292 points). Together, these six competitors, you add six competitors taken from previous editions: Vladimir Luxuria, Antonio Mezzancella, Alessandra Drusian, Roberta Bonanno, Massimo Di Cataldo and John of Alvernia.

Permanently deleted from the race: Gigi and Ross with 267 points, Flora Canto, with 239 points, David Pratelli, with 222 points, Francesco Pannofino with 203 points, Sara Facciolini with 197 points and Eva Grimaldi with 164 points.

He has done much to discuss on the social the incredible outcry that the jury and the vote bonus of the teachers of the transmission assigned at the end of the episode to the Francesco Monte. In detail we are talking about approximately 30 points is awarded by George Panariello, Loretta Goggi and Manuela Aureli.

A treasure – to put it à la Milly Carlucci – which, along with the votes particularly generous, which have been reserved this week, they gave to Francis the Mountain the ability to dodge elimination from the tournament of champions.

A coincidence (?) much talk especially on Twitter with the hashtag #TaleeQualeShow where several users said they were outraged by this unusual and compact stance of the cast of the program.

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