This Show 2019: Lidia Schillaci wins with “Shallow” by Lady Gaga – VIDEO


Published on Sep 14, 2019


Carlo Conti is back to occupy the Friday evening on Rai Uno with a new episode of This Show 2019: the talent show vip, where twelve vip challenge each other to shots of imitations and ditty. In the course of this first episode – broadcast on the 13th of September 2019 – we have touched with hand the preparation of some of the famous personalities in the race, and the total inability of some of the others.

The competitor winning of this is the opening of That and Which Show 2019 was Lidia Schillaci: the former contestant of Operation Triumph, as well as the voice of songs performed live during the performances of Dancing with the Stars. The 35-year-old has convinced everyone with his reinterpretation particularly faithful to “Shallow”: the award-winning song of Lady Gaga.

Despite the fact that it performed only as a fourth, the performance of Lidia Schillaci in the shoes of Lady Gaga, it was immediately accepted as the best of the evening. The judges themselves – in the phase of voting – have not had any doubts: Loretta Goggi, Giorgio Panariello and Vincenzo Salemme have buckled in the first place and the maximum of the votes.

After the standing ovation in the studio and the battutina Carlo Conti (“That good at it. Do you want to see it is that a star?”, to paraphrase the film A Star is Born from which is taken from the song), Lidia Schillaci has received the opinion of the three judges on her performance. For Loretta Goggi: “Very Good. I moved and I got goose bumps. Also in appearance is very similar”.


🎤 Lidia Schillaci ↔ Lady Gaga#taleequaleshow

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Following the opinion of Giorgio Panariello: “It was an exhibition of the extraordinary, to remain open mouth”. Closes the round of opinions, the actor Vincenzo Salemme: “it would take too much time to say what has made Lydia this evening. It is awesome. Imitate the you can do is on the form, on the makeup, but find so powerfully in the soul of a character so... And then sing in this way! Please excuse the battutaccia but she called Schillaci and tonight scored a goal crazy“.

Watch an excerpt of the performance of Lidia Schillaci to do and Which Show in the clip Facebook at the top here.

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