This Show 2019: Francesco Monte is still second, after the controversy wins.


Published on Nov 02, 2019


After the traditional version of That and Which Show 2019, continues the Friday evening in the first evening of the Tournament Of Champions. According to the regulations, the top six competitors from the last season will join the top six of last year for a race crossover: Agostino Penna, Francesco Monte, Lidia Schillaci, David De Marinis, Jessica Morlacchi, and Tiziana Rivale season in 2019 and or Vladimir Luxuria, Antonio Mezzancella, Massimo Di Cataldo, Alessandra Drusian, Roberta Bonanno and John of Alvernia from the edition 2018.

After the controversy erupted in the past few days, to triumph in this second installment of the Tournament of Champions is randomly Lidia Schillaci: the singer brought on stage the imitation success of Edith Piaf. Challenge every law of statistics, however, Francesco Monte, which incredibly also this week finished in second place.

The second of three episodes of the Tournament of Champions of That and Which Show 2019 was won by Lidia Schillaci with 89 points, and the imitation of Edith Piaf. Second place on a par to Francesco Monte and Roberta Bonanno, with 57 points in the role respectively of Nek and Rita Pavone. The fourth Jessica Morlacchi with 56 points: the former leader of the Gazosa has dressed the role of Loretta Goggi.

The ranking continues with Alessandra Drusian (54 points); Antonio Mezzancella (53 points); Agostino Penna (52 points); Davide De Marinis (38 points), John Alvernia (36 points) and Vladimir Luxuria (30 points).

In the last positions, instead, we see: the Madonna of Tiziana Rivale with 28 points, and (again) Massimo Di Cataldo with just 24 points and an all in all good imitation of Paul McCartney.

In addition to the three judges – Loretta Goggi, Giorgio Panariello and Vincenzo Salemme – the jury was enlarged, there was as usual the fourth judge, Nino Frassica, who has been able to assign the points in announcing its ranking. But in the jury, we have also seen the presence of Rita Pavone, who has been able to award a bonus of 10 points.

The next installment of the Tournament of Champions of That and Which Show 2019 will be aired on the 8th of November and will be in the final. In the final ranking guide Mezzancella with 132 points, Lidia Schillaci with 125 points and Francesco Monte with 122 points. Along with the scores, will also be essential in the televoting of the public from a house, which could overturn the result of the final ranking.

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