This Show 2019: Davide De Marinis wins with Vasco Rossi – VIDEO


Published on Oct 12, 2019


Carlo Conti and the Friday evening on Rai Uno can not to rhyme with it, and Which Show 2019: the talent vip where thirteen famous people challenge each other to shots of imitations, singing performances and choreography. In the course of this new episode – airing on October 12, 2019 – we found out what will be the fate of the final ranking of this ninth edition of the talent show of Rai Uno, and the next week will stage the final, and the gap in scores gained from some of the main characters is visibly insurmountable.

About the winners, the competitor vip has won in this new episode of This Show 2019 was to surprise Davide De Marinis: the singer of “Too beautiful” has convinced the four judges taking on the role of Vasco Rossi. In addition to the three judges fixed (Loretta Goggi, Vincenzo Salemme and Giorgio Panariello), in fact, this week at the tour of the courts there was also Gabriele Cirilli.

In the episode of October 11, 2019 for This and Which Show a winner was Davide De Marinis with 67 votes; immediately after Jessica Morlacchi with 65 points; the third at 64 points Agostino Penna; if the play in the thread of wool Flora Hand with 63 points.

The train is broken by Francesco Monte retainer 58 points, that gets ten points Lidia Schillaci, even just 48 points. The imitator David Pratelli collect 45 points.


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In the bottom of the standings two former fair: Eva Grimaldi and Tiziana Rivale received 37 points. Only 32 points for Francesco Pannofino, and the duo Gigi e Ross. Bringing up the rear of the poor Sara Facciolini with 26 points.

Jessica Morlacchi can be said to be very lucky to have reached the second position. And we support not so much for his performance (he proposed a dignitosissima Mina), but because he scored 65 points, thanks to the intuition of Carlo Conti, who – at the last minute – decided to vote Orietta Berti, the surprise guest of the episode, as imitated by competitors. The Berti has awarded 10 extra points by bouncing the Morlacchi from 55 to 65 points (and, therefore, from the fifth to the second place).

But who contributes really to the victory of the ninth edition of This Show? Definitely is at a huge advantage Agostino Pen with a sum total of 314. Follows in second place Davide De Marinis, with 264 points. On the third point, the brava Jessica Morlacchi with 256 points.

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