This Show 2018: winner is Roberta Bonanno with Katy Perry


Published on Oct 06, 2018


This Show is back in the early evening on Rai Uno, with his caravan of imitations (more or less) successful of the twelve famous personalities in the race. Carlo Conti has led this new round, adding to the performances and the opinions of the three judges Loretta Goggi, Vincenzo Salemme and Giorgio Panariello. Let's review what have been the performances of this episode, and who triumphed in the final ranking of the 5 October 2018.

The race is This and What Show is the entrance immediately in the living, after having introduced in the studio the jury, Carlo Conti has presented one after the other the various performances planned for this evening. To open the dances is Massimo Di Cataldo which was transformed into Gianni Morandi. The excellent performance of the singer was immediately covered by the less than exciting by Andrea Agresti, who has imitated Lodo Guenzi (the leader of The Social State). Vladimir Luxuria is back again to play a man: this time, it was Renato Zero with the song " cult “I will sell”.

Singing and (a little) dancing to Roberta Bonanno that he has brought on stage As the Show 2018 “Firework” by Katy Perry. To follow: Alessandra Drusian dei Jalisse has interpreted Iva Zanicchi, John Alvernia has made the step of the cock of Mick Jagger and Antonella Elia brought us back in time with an ironic revival of Sbirulino, the century Sandra Mondaini.

The end of the ladder: Antonio Mezzancella that he sang in his own way “Can't stop the feelings” by Justin Timberlake, Raimondo Todaro, who played playing the role of Rocky Roberts, Matilde Brandi, who has struggled not just in the becoming Natalie Imbruglia. To close the evening, Mario Ermito in a look very similar to the young Scialpi and Guendalina Tavassi that has brought a little bit of trash with his imitation of the international singer Cher.

The final ranking! You won this bet Roberta Bonanno 🎆well-deserved Victory?See you next Friday! 😉#taleequaleshow

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The three judges have found it particularly difficult to be able to ooze to the top. Carlo Conti, for taking the time, decided to vote before the competitors in the race. After you have assigned the “5 points”, Loretta Goggi, Giorgio Panariello and Vincenzo Salemme have exhibited their reviews. To triumph in this episode, it was Roberta Bonanno with Katy Perry.

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