This Show 2018: Vladimir Luxuria wins with Ghali


Published on Sep 15, 2018


This Show is back in the early evening on Rai Uno, with his caravan of imitations (more or less) successful of the twelve famous personalities in the race. Carlo Conti has led this new round, adding to the performances and the opinions of the three judges Loretta Goggi, Vincenzo Salemme and Giorgio Panariello. Let's review what have been the performances of this episode, and who triumphed in the final ranking of the 14 September 2018.

The race is This and What Show is the entrance immediately in the living, after the presentation of the new jury, Carlo Conti has introduced one after the other the various performances planned for this inaugural evening. To open the dances was John of Alvernia, by imitation, by Luca Carboni with his latest hit “One Big Party”. To follow Roberta Bonanno has had to engage with “Amami” by Emma Marrone, Raimondo Todaro brought us back in time with “Singing in the Rain” by Gene Kelly.

To great surprise, then climb on to the stage, Vladimir Luxuria, which is due to attempt the imitation of the rapper Ghali with the song “Dear Italy”. Much appreciated by the public Alessandra Drusian dei Jalisse, who has dressed the role of the Blonde with the song “Heart of Glass”. Small time trash for Guendalina Tavassi that he wanted to simulate the vocal music of Giusy Ferreri with the song “Love and Capoeira”.

The imitation most fitting was the one scored by the imitator of the profession Antonio Mezzancella, paid to sing the song “Forbidden to Die” Ermal Meta. The second space exhilarating of the evening was the one with Antonella Elisa that has been transformed into Madonna in “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friends”, bringing to mind the unfortunate performance of Veronica Maya a few years ago.

They closed the sequence of the performances of this episode of This Show: Andrea Agresti in the role of Umberto Tozzi (“Glory”), Matilde Brandi, who has reinterpreted Geri Halliwel (“It's Raining Men,” the chosen track), bravo Massimo Di Cataldo, which has resulted in tv, the music by Alan Sorrenti (“You are the Only Woman for Me”) and Mario Ermito that has sketched an imitation of Enrique Iglesias (“Bailando).

He wins the first bet Vladimir Luxuria!Do you agree with the final ranking?Appointment to next Friday 😁#taleequaleshow

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We then witnessed the vote of the three judges: Goggi, Panariello and Salemme have awarded with the first place Antonio Mezzancella; runner-up Alessandra Drusian; bronze medal for Massimo Di Cataldo. But the appeal still had the 5 extra points that every single competitor can assign to his or her liking. And thanks to this second assignment came an unexpected turnaround.

To win the first episode of This Show 2018 is Vladimir Luxuria (Ghali), chased a few points away from Alessandra Drusian, Antonio Mezzancella, Massimo Di Cataldo and Roberta Bonanno.

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