This Show 2018: Roberta Bonanno wins with Amy Winehouse


Published on Nov 03, 2018


This Show is back in the early evening on Rai Uno, with his caravan of imitations (more or less) successful of the twelve famous personalities in the race. Carlo Conti has led this new round, adding to the performances and the opinions of the three judges Loretta Goggi, Vincenzo Salemme and Giorgio Panariello. Let's review what have been the performances of this episode, and who triumphed in the final standings of the November 2, 2018.

The race is This and What Show is the entrance immediately in the living, after having introduced in the studio, the jury fixed, and the fourth guest judge Gabriele Cirilli, Carlo Conti has presented one after the other the various performances planned for this evening. To open this first episode of the tournament of That and Which Show was the winner of the classic edition of the show, Antonio Mezzancella, with his version of Fabrizio Moro. To follow, Alessia Macari has proposed to us the imitation of Marcella Bella. Roberta Bonanno it is made into four, and has created a splendid imitation of Amy Winehouse.

But the performances are go forward: Filippo Bisciglia launched into Sugar, Massimo Di Cataldo, is turned into a likeness of Bobby solo, Federico Angelucci has tried to become George Michael (even if Giorgio Panariello told him that it resembled most in Franca Leosini) and Annalisa Minetti has tested her vocal interpreting Ivan Graziani.

Close in beauty: Vladimir Luxuria in the role of Patti Smith, John Alvernia with a caricature of Enzo Jannacci, a rocker Alessandra Drusian in the guise of the singer of Europe; and again: Andrea Agresti has tried to be the same Francesco Sarcina and Valeria Altobelli was Dionne Warwick.

He wins the first bet of the TOURNAMENT #taleequaleshow Roberta Bonanno! 🎉He deserved?See you next Friday! 🤗

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After the votes of the four judges and the five points awarded to every single competitor for a companion on the adventure, the final standings saw the triumph of Roberta Bonanno, with the imitation of Amy Winehouse. At a distance of only three points away from leaders Antonio Mezzancella. Tail, instead, the trio of Valeria Altobelli, Alessia Macari and John of Alvernia. Will be able to climb the impressive ranking?

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