This Show 2018: here is the cast of Carlo Conti, when does it start?


Published on Sep 05, 2018


One of the talent show more popular Rai Uno is going to go: everything is ready for the eighth edition of This Show, the program for transformers celebrities who each week will compete in imitations and parodies of the most famous music artists of the Italian and international scene.

New 12 contestants are ready to compete in the studios of Carlo Conti in trying to collect the most points to climb the final standings. But what are the new competitors? Those who will be seated on the jury? And when it starts, and Show 2018? Here are all the answers of the case...

Let's start from the fulcrum of the transmission: the competitors. The twelve celebrities who will compete in rounds of transformation are the following: for women, Antonella Elia, Matilde Brandi, Alessandra Drusian dei Jalisse, Vladimir Luxuria a name that, surprisingly, the former gieffina Gwendolyn Tavassi and the former contestant of Friends Roberta Bonanno.

For men, however, there will be a Maximum Of Cataldo, who must have won the Accounts after his experience it's Now or never; the dancer Dancing with the Stars, Raimondo Todaro, busy this year since it will also be one of the faces of Said Fact; and the ex "iena" Andrea Agresti, comedian John Alvernia, the imitator Antonio Mezzancella and the former gieffino Mario Ermito.

This year, This Show gives a renewed a trio of judges who will watch and judge the performance. In addition to the confirmed Loretta Goggi, in fact, you will find Giorgio Panariello and Vincenzo Salemme: two famous actors that represent the full humour of the north and of the south of Italy.

In the cast should be confirmed Gabriele Cirilli: the historical competitor of the first editions of the program for some years now, he engages in “mission impossible”, or imitations of the colours to much trash that are the intermission between the performances of the competitors, and the fateful vote of the jurors. After having proposed the best music years ’70 and ’80 (and even a season on the cartoon) which new trend will bring in tv this year?

The eighth edition of This Show has a date of official start: the talent of Carlo Conti will again be the prized appointment of the Friday evening; an appointment that will start already from the next 14th of September, always in the early evening on Rai Uno.

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