This show 2018 comes the grand finale: who will win this edition of the program?


Published on Oct 26, 2018


All ready for the grand final of That and which show 2018 in wave today, 26 October, 2018 on Rai 1. What's going to happen in this before the end of the program? Let's talk about before the final because after the edition 2018 of the program, there will be the much-awaited tournament, which will feature ex-faces of the reality show on Rai 1. But let's go back to the last installment of this edition: who will win? Certainly, there are various talents that have distinguished themselves in this edition, and, unlike what had happened in the previous ones, the final victory is not so obvious. Consider, for example, last year, that he would have won the Charter Mark was almost certain while this year, there are different talents who put on a show and the jury will have difficulty in giving the votes in this evening of verdicts.

In the episode of That and Which show 2018 aired this evening, then, will be elected the winner of the eighth edition, but, we remind you that from Friday, 2 November on the stage we will see the winners of the eighth edition that “compete” with strokes of imitations, some of the great protagonists of 2017 for a race in the race until the final on 23 November, the day in which there will be the “Sample of That and Which Show 2018”.

A special episode that aired today on Rai 1: alongside Carlo Conti there will also be Nino Frassica and Lucy Both that therefore to be added to Loretta Goggi, Giorgio Panariello and Vincenzo Salemme. Another “gem”, the double imitation of mine that will be “represented”, in two different moments of their career, by Roberta Bonanno and Alessandra Drusian. It is the second time in the history of the show that on the same evening and will be represented the same big (in this edition Claudio Baglioni was “played” by Antonio Mezzancella and John Alvernia).

The provisional ranking is headed by Antonio Mezzancella, closely followed in second and third position, respectively, by Alessandra Drusian and Roberta Bonanno. But the points of distance are very few and are not excluded also incredible reversals. And the points will be worth even more because at stake is not just the title of the winner that will be decided in the course of this seventh installment, but also the possibility to continue the adventure in the next 4 appointments to get to the “appointment” of “a Sample of That and Which Show 2018”.

The Bonanno and the Drusian will take on the role of Mina in two distinct moments of his career, Andrea Agresti will become Jon Bon Jovi, Matilde Brandi will be involved with Lorella Cuccarini, Massimo Di Cataldo you will be put to the test with the Sting, Antonella Elia will wind up in the comics of Jessica Rabbit, Mario Ermito will be Fausto Leali, Vladimir Luxuria will Patty Pravo, Antonio Mezzancella will have the appearance of Francesco Renga, Guendalina Tavassi is just around the corner with Irene Grandi, Raimondo Todaro will have to imitate Rod Stewart and John Alvernia Renzo Arbore.

The appointment, and then to 21,20 this evening on Rai 1 with all the performances and the announcement of the winner of this edition of This show.

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