This show 2017 to the final performances of today November 3, 2017


Published on Nov 03, 2017


Turning point for the artists, the protagonists of the seventh edition of This show. The show on Rai 1 on Friday evening, is going to end, at least in its first part, in fact, after the announcement of the winner of this edition, I'll be there for the classic tournament with the champions that will keep us company in the winter of Rai 1. But what will happen this evening in an episode of That and which show 2017 aired on November 3 on Rai 1? Let's find out with our previews, here they are for you!


On the stage of the study 5 the Dear of Rome will continue the challenge with the 12 protagonists called to “identify with” in many characters: Valeria Altobelli is put to the test with the class, Noa, Edy Angelillo will be Roberta Kelly, Federico Angelucci remember the myth of Freddy Mercury, Dario Bandiera will mainly mirror Andrea Bocelli, Filippo Bisciglia in the guise of Claudio Baglioni, Marco Carta will play Pharrell Williams Claudio Lippi bring on stage Adriano Celentano, Alessia Macari will be Mariah Carey, Benedetta Mazza will Malika Ayane, Piero Mazzocchetti will remember Mino Reitano, Annalisa Minetti will be struggling with the pop of Fabian and Mauro Coruzzi (Platinette) with Bobby Only.

THE RANKING OF THIS SHOW 2017-The provisional ranking sees now in the head Mark the Paper, despite having never won any of the six previous installments. To follow, Annalisa Minetti, Filippo Bisciglia, Dario Bandiera, Piero Mazzocchetti, Federico Angelucci, Alessia Macari, Valeria Altobelli, Platinette, Benedetta Mazza, Edy Angelillo, Claudio Lippi.

NEW MISSION IMPOSSIBLE GABRIELE CIRILLI– Gabriele Cirilli, struggling even with the cartoon characters, in his “mission impossible” of the week will delight the little ones (but not only) with Fred of the Flintstones.
All the arrangements will be handled by master Pinuccio Pirazzoli, in consultation with the music of Fabrizio Bigioni.

TOWARDS THE FINAL OF THAT AND WHICH SHOW 2017-AND at the end of many faces, only one will survive. Will happen Saturday, November 11, at 21.25, on Bbc1 in the episode (the eighth in the program exceptionally Saturday) will be proclaimed the “Champion of That and Which Show 7”. With him (or her), the other 5 best in the category “challenge” the champions of the previous edition in the remaining 3 episodes (up to Friday 1 December) for the definitive title of “Champion of That and Which Show 2017”.

Judging the vip in the race, as always, Loretta Goggi, Christian de Sica, Enrico Montesano. The appointment is 21,20 on Rai 1 for the bet to Such as the today show. Have a good evening!




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