This show 2017, Annalisa Minetti wins the first bet

Published on Sep 23, 2017

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The season of This show 2017 began with the victory of Annalisa Minetti, who in the first episode of the talent show on Rai 1 has beaten all perfectly imitating Celine Dion All by my self, and running for president as a possible final winner. Behind her, Marco Paper in the role of Fausto Leali with I miss you but also a surprising Filippo Bisciglia, which is found very well in the imitation of Francesco Gabbani with Occidentali''s Karma, and on stage has brought as well the monkey.

The first evening of high quality, both in voice and in the faces of the followers of improvised, even if not all have been convinced until the end. The talented Alessia Macari that has stopped on the role of the ‘Ciociara’ and has also forgotten the victory to Big Brother Vip 2016 imitating Beyonce with Crazy in love and conquering all. Well also Valeria Altobelli (former singer Anna Tatangelo) with Marina Rei and Spring, perhaps the most beautiful surprise because you do not know of many. More back instead, Donatella Rector, with an imitation of the normal Caterina Caselli and Platinette/Mauro Coruzzi, which will go down in history especially for the fall of which was the protagonist as he descended the stairs to go to sing. At the bottom of the ranking, the former winner of Friends, Federico Angelucci brought Despacito Luis Fonsi and final Claudio Lippi, who has not convinced the audience with Wonderful of Domenico Modugno.

The jury Loretta Goggi and Christian De Sica have given reviews, shared, Enrico Montesano has tried to ease the tension of the race with beats that have not convinced everyone. But in a week it will already be time for revenge in This show. Here are the choices for the singers-followers: Filippo Bisciglia will be Tiziano Ferro, Annalisi Minetti, instead, Anastacia, Alessia Macari will mainly mirror Anna Tatangelo, Donatella Rector, will return as the Patti Pravo, Marco Carta will become Riccardo Cocciante, Claudio Lippi will come back with Elvis Presley, Piero Mazzocchetti will be Marco Mengoni. And still Platinette you will like Louis Armstrong, Federico Angelucci will become Mine, Edy Angelillo intepreterà Nada, Valeria Altobelli will mainly mirror Whitney Houston and Benedetta Mazza will try to replace the ranking with Britney Spears.

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